The First Thing You Should Do When You Travel To A New City, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It's time to party! Welcome to Rome? Tokyo? London? San Francisco? It doesn't matter where in the world you are or how big the place is — there are certain things that will just appeal to you from the get go. When I stepped foot in new places, whether it was Mexico or North Dakota, I have always felt the same rush that leads me to end up doing the same thing.

So what is the first thing you should do in a new city, based on your zodiac sign? It has a lot to do with how your soul may influence your preferences. If you take a look at different aspects such as your sign's astrological house (it is ruled by a house numbered 1-12 and dictates a different area of your life), element (each sign is fire, water, earth, or air), and temperamental quality (the choices are either cardinal, mutable, and fixed), you'll start to see a pattern not just in the way you travel, but in the way you operate your entire life.

Stumped about what your personal go-to for traveling should be? Not every Sagittarius wants to just "sit down and relax," and not every Taurus is necessarily up for a huge, overwhelming adventure on the first night. But let's examine what each sign would be up for doing in those instances when they land and it's love at first city sight:


Many Aries, with their adventurous streaks, should find themselves a local bar to watch the townies. Your own house is the first house of identity, which means you'll want to see what the identity of a new place is when you first get there. You best connect with people once you pinpoint the real them. And the best way to get a vibe is literally to check out the town watering hole.


Taking a nap before doing much else is the go-to for a Taurus. Chances are, you're tired out from the ride to get here. You want to make sure you're saving your energy for maximum quality time with your new vacation spot. You value treating your body like the temple it is, as you're ruled by the second house of possessions. Making sure all the luggage is ready to go for exploring or eating or drinking or thinking etc. is living your best life.


Take a brief walking tour by yourself. You've probably already thought through the things you want to see, so why wait? Get up and go discover the city for yourself. Talk (your primary house is the third house of communication!) with the local people to figure out what the best sights are, and then seize the day to see them with your own eyes.


Stroll through a park. You want to connect with the nurturing environment of the place before you go. Your ruling house fourth house of family calls for such a tendency, actually. This is because before you go and potentially put yourself around other, you need to be with yourself for a bit. Your alone time is tantamount to enjoying yourself, so value it.


Look at the most popular tourist destination. Then go there to see what the hype is all about, and what makes the city unique. You want to be seen, but that fifth house of pleasure tendency only enhances how much you want to see the world yourself.


Read the guidebook cover to cover. You need the lay of the land. You're a huge planner, Virgo — can anyone blame you, with that placement of the sixth house of health? In any case, you'll want to get to the place but make sure you know where you're going first and foremost. It's essential to your general sense of sanity.


Explore the markets. There's culture, tasty food and a lot of things that can help indulge your naturally curious self. You're the kind to jump in when you haven't been moving for a bit, as your seventh house of balance means you're constantly recalibrating your body in this way. Get moving and go look around. Maybe you'll even make some friends, like you're probably hoping.


Eat. You know you love food. Your appetite is insatiable, Scorpio (I mean, you're the eighth house of sex, so that applies to consuming anything ravenously!). So reward yourself for surviving an annoying plane ride by finding a classy burger joint or something unique to the area, and indulge.


Go to the tallest building and check out that view! You're a thrills junkie, not unlike your Aries cousin, and don't be afraid to go out of your way to find what's going to excite you physically. This means climbing up those spiraling stairs or taking that excitingly quick elevator and finally getting to feel on top of the world. It's going to match your instincts borne out of the ninth house of inquisition and discovery.


Find a networking event. You love all eyes on you Capricorn, so you're going to think about making sure your tenth house of status feels satisfied as soon as you get to your new temp home. Rubbing shoulders with people familiar with the classiest hangouts is going to make you puff out your chest with pride!


Hit up the old friends you might have. Hey, remember when you were so well-liked in high school? Now's the time to relive those glory days. Reignite your eleventh house of friendships and reach out via Facebook to anyone who's in this neck of the woods. You'll get some exclusive tours, and get to laugh at the olden days and treat yourself to some well-earned nostalgia.


Find the town's shrine or church. You're the most reverent of the signs and a total old soul, so you're going to nerd out over these sorts of places of worship. These locations have the eeriest, yet most interesting, vibes. Perfect for your twelfth house of the unconscious to be satiated.