The Travel Luxury You Should Splurge On, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Do you feel like you need a good getaway? Don't we all. If there's a time to relax, it will be as February ends (it's been hard for some of us signs!) and the spring comes in. I personally can't wait for the first smells of Aries season to start to drift in.

But if you're going on vacation yet mildly strapped for cash, you probably need a guarantee that you'll have a great time if you're going to indulge. I know I find myself caught between wondering — do I want to go all out on a shopping spree, or treat myself to a great facial? If you're struggling to decide, you can always figure out what to splurge on during your vacation based on your zodiac sign.

For each zodiac sign, there is something that tickles your fancy a little more based on your sign's astrological house (1-12), element (fire, water, earth, and air), and temperamental quality (cardinal, mutable, and fixed). For example, the fixed fire sign of Leo will want passionate sorts of pleasure that can burn consistently for a while, while the cardinal air sign of Libra will want a light burst of pleasant inspiration.

So now that you know your definitions of luxury will differ based on what's in your chart, let's get into possible things your soul could be craving on vacation — because those are the things you should definitely spend the extra buck on.