The One Thing You Should Splurge On During Vacation, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Do you feel like you need a good getaway? Don't we all. If there's a time to relax, it will be as February ends (it's been hard for some of us signs!) and the spring comes in. I personally can't wait for the first smells of Aries season to start to drift in.

But if you're going on vacation yet mildly strapped for cash, you probably need a guarantee that you'll have a great time if you're going to indulge. I know I find myself caught between wondering — do I want to go all out on a shopping spree, or treat myself to a great facial? If you're struggling to decide, you can always figure out what to splurge on during your vacation based on your zodiac sign.

For each zodiac sign, there is something that tickles your fancy a little more based on your sign's astrological house (1-12), element (fire, water, earth, and air), and temperamental quality (cardinal, mutable, and fixed). For example, the fixed fire sign of Leo will want passionate sorts of pleasure that can burn consistently for a while, while the cardinal air sign of Libra will want a light burst of pleasant inspiration.

So now that you know your definitions of luxury will differ based on what's in your chart, let's get into possible things your soul could be craving on vacation — because those are the things you should definitely spend the extra buck on.


You live for thrills, Aries, so try gambling your heart out at a casino one night. Just make sure you decide in advance how much money you're going to spend, and bring a friend to hold you accountable! You're good at enjoying the moment and a natural risk taker, as your sign ruled by the first house of identity means you are not going to take it personally if you lose. And you know how to wield your luck, as you're the cardinal fire sign that sparks others!


Sensual comforts are a big deal for you with your sign ruled by the second house of possessions — your body being a big one. So you should splurge on hitting up that really fancy spa in your hotel, Taurus. You're not going to feel the extent of the good things in life until you've indulged in that limited edition back massage. Your fixed earth sign wants to sit your butt in one place for a while and just feel aligned with all of your senses. Yum.


A local tour is going to stir up your curiosity, Gemini. Going to the hive mind of the area can point you in the direction you need to see what's out there. You're a mutable air sign ruled by the third house of communication, so you'll feel extra happy when you're able to talk with all the souls that inhabit a new place. So spend the money on that extra ticket on a bus into the unknown!


Spend the money to bring a friend along, if you can. There's nothing more you'd love than going on an intimate trip for two. You're the kindhearted soul ruled by the fourth house of family, so you are the one who values your close relationships. That means that this cardinal water sign loves sharing adventures and experiences with someone else. The photos turn out better, and so do the laughs and bonding.


You're sophisticated AF Leo, as the fixed fire sign. You want to feel the burn of the biggest, baddest excitement in this new place. So you should use your splurge wisely and go somewhere where there's a big performance going on. The ballet or theater is the best way to spend a free night on your vacation — seeing an exciting show is the best way to inspire your own inner star. You're the sign ruled by the fifth house of pleasure, and indeed you'll be wanting to feel yourself on any trip you go on. You're the star of your own show, so you might as well treat yo self and go see one.


A fancy museum, believe it or not, is going to make you feel great. A mutable earth sign who wants to flow with the sensory routine of a new place, you're one for structured itineraries and researching the rich history of a town. So what better way to spend your money (frugal you can be) than on its art center? Your sixth house of health is going to thank you for spending money on something you won't regret.


Try the fanciest restaurant in town to satisfy your particular Libra tastes. You're probably wondering what the hype is around the local cuisine, as you naturally would as a curious cardinal air sign. So indulge your body's cravings, and go for that universally praised French place or try the high-class tacos. You need some balance in your body too as the seventh house of balance and partnership dictates, so make sure you keep the meal well-rounded by sampling all they have to offer!


If you're near a beach, splurge by renting a boat. You're going to love just getting out onto the water, as your intuitiveness gains energy from that, and seeing the lay of the land. You're a fixed water sign, so you're going to be more naturally drawn to aquatic activities more than you realize. It'll be perfect for doing some introspection too, as your sign is ruled by the eighth house of rebirth and regeneration — and what better way to celebrate that than through water?


You ought to rent a car and drive around the area yourself, Sagittarius. You're going to find a lot of places probably not pointed out to you. You're usually the person who's most philosophically inclined, with your mutable fire sign falling right in your ninth house of inquisition and discovery. The perfect way to get a good excitement going is to feel the wind blowing through your hair as you zoom down the freeways! Perfect.


You love being sophisticated and classy, Capricorn. So try indulging in a winery or brewery tour. Wherever you go, the people are obviously going to need a drink, and you probably will after all of that car and plane time. Your cardinal earth sign loves those fruits-of-the-earth types of enjoyments. Indulge in it, and make sure you look great doing it — your tenth house of status is going to feel really good!


A quaint outdoor shopping mall is going to make you feel right at home, Aquarius. Maybe you'll buy some locally made jewelry; maybe you'll just go to purchase some sweets unique to the region. In any case, the bustling scene where there's the most people-watching will definitely appeal to you. You're a fixed air sign who has an eternal curiosity around you. And who knows — having so much energy from the eleventh house of friendships means you'll make a few unexpected pals on your mission.


Go big with the souvenir, Pisces. You're a mutable water sign, so you're at your best attaching arbitrary emotional sentiment to everything. Wherever you go, you're going to want to make sure you remember it, for your twelfth house of the unconscious values these sorts of memories. Whether it's some kind of luxury alcohol, a guidebook for your next trip, or a shiny custom-cut diamond from the heart of the city, you'll be on the road to making sure you fully cherish the experiences you've had.