This 'Mean Girls' Sock Collection Is So Fetch

by Alexa Tucker

Get in loser, we're going ~online~ shopping. The Foot Cardigan x Mean Girls sock collaboration just dropped, and they are just as grool as you could imagine. There are six amazingly nostalgic designs available, for when just quoting your favorite Mean Girls line isn't enough.

You can buy the socks on their own for $13 per pair ($6.50 per sock, to be specific — in true Karen fashion, I had to use a calculator for that). Or, like all trendy things, the socks are available as a subscription. For $78, you'll get two pairs per month for three months, including two exclusive pairs, which won't be available to buy separately. Whether you somehow decide on just one pair or go for the set of all six, they're the perfect gift for the biggest Mean Girls fan you know (even if that's you).

The collection includes a holiday-friendly Glen Coco shoutout and the perfect pink sock for a Wednesday (because Damien wants his pink shirt back). An "It's October 3rd" sock has yet to be revealed, but then again, when it comes to all of the memorable moments that could make a great pair of socks, the limit does not exist.

Here are the socks that do exist.

1. So Fetch Socks

Mean Girls So Fetch Socks, $13, Foot Cardigan

My personal favorite, these socks feature two Gretchen Weiner classics — Toaster Strudel and, like, slang from England.

2. On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Socks

Mean Girls On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Socks, $13, Foot Cardigan

A subtler statement than an oversized pink polo shirt.

3. You Go, Glen Coco Socks

Mean Girls You Go Glen Coco Socks, $13, Foot Cardigan

These socks may be a little holiday themed, but they're definitely appropriate for year-round wear.

4. Burn Book Socks

Mean Girls Burn Book Socks, $13, Foot Cardigan

Way nicer than the actual Burn Book.

5. Cafeteria Map Socks

Mean Girls Cafeteria Map Socks, subscription only, Foot Cardigan

The greatest socks you will ever meet.

6. She Doesn't Even Go Here Socks

Mean Girls She Doesn't Even Go Here Socks, subscription only, Foot Cardigan

A sneaky cartoon Damien is definitely the best part of this pair.