'Mean Girls' Fans Are Still The Most Dedicated

It's hard to believe that it's already been more than a decade since Mean Girls came out, not only because it seems like it was just yesterday, but also because it means I'm now 11 years older than I was in 2004, and that's just scary. I remember seeing the movie in theaters, drawn in by the promise of Tina Fey's snapping writing and Lindsay Lohan's amazing red hair (I was so, so jealous, y'all), and I wasn't disappointed. I didn't stop laughing the entire time, and I also left the theatre with an endless list of quotes that frankly, I'm still repeating today. I'm not the only one who still loves it, either — on the occasion of the official October 3 Mean Girls holiday, fans have taken to social media to prove just how dedicated they still are to Regina George and the Plastics.

If you've somehow managed to miss the importance of today's date, it's the day when Aaron Samuels asks Cady what day it is. It's October 3, of course, and this interaction basically made everything after it (or at least Cady's feelings about Aaron) spiral out of control. I think we can all remember those pivotal moments of our teenage crushes, right? Obviously, Cady's fun was to be short-lived once Regina caught wind of her puppy love, but oh, it was fun while it lasted, right?

Here's how fans are celebrating Mean Girls Day on Twitter today:

The Forgetful (But Thankful) Fan

Well, maybe not forgetful, but grateful for the reminder, anyway.

The Town Crier

If you hadn't heard already, you're about to be educated. Sit back and let the knowledge wash over you.

The Smart Marketer

Yankee Candle knows what's up (and that candle smells divine, by the way).

The Moral Highground Holder

Those of you out there who have failed to celebrate are MONSTERS!

The Mathematicians

There is no limit, which means the celebration possibilities are infinite. I like those odds.

The Eternally Hungry

As long as fettuccine is happening, I'm OK.

The Olympians

No one knows what dedication is better than Olympic athletes, so I'll take their word when it comes to how important Mean Girls still is.

The Blasphemers

I don't even know how to handle this. How is this possible?!

The True Heroes

Thank God for ABC Family — they always come through in our time of need.

Whether Mean Girls is your favorite movie, or your most favorite movie ever in the history of the world, celebrate this important day in the only way appropriate: pigging out on Kalteen bars and filling out your Burn Book.

Image: Paramount Pictures