The 'Crazy Rich Asians' Trailer Just Dropped & Wow, The Whole Thing Looks Extravagant AF

by Parry Ernsberger

Just a few days after getting a 23-second teaser trailer, the full Crazy Rich Asians trailer has now arrived — and they really went all out with the whole "rich" part. Like, it looks majorly lavish. Beyond opulent. And really visually stunning.

In the teaser trailer for the film based on Kevin Kwan's best-selling book, fans got a few quick glimpses into the wealthy upbringing of Singapore business heir Nick Young (played by Henry Golding). We see a sprawling mansion, some fancy cars, and scattered scenes from what appears to be a pretty killer party — but that's basically it. The full trailer, however, reveals so much more.

Nick's super-rich status seemingly comes as a surprise to his college professor girlfriend, Rachel (Constance Wu), until the moment they're en-route to his best friend's wedding and flying first class to Singapore.

"So, your family is rich?" Rachel asks, complimentary champagne in-hand. "We're comfortable," Nick casually replies. "That is exactly what a super-rich person would say," Rachel responds. Cue the extended montage that shows just how right Rachel is.

The first thing we see is a mansion — but it's not even the same mansion they showed in the teaser trailer. It's a different mansion, nestled on the side of a mountain. Thus implying that Nick's family has multiple mansions. Cool, cool. No big deal.

Then there's a flash of some seriously expensive-looking jewelry, fancy cars flying down the highway, paparazzi taking pics of Nick's friends and family, and, oh, there's that first mansion from the teaser trailer again. Except we don't just see the front of mansion this time — this time, they open the doors. (The doors, by the way, are gold, massive, and thrown wide by several white-gloved butlers.)

We also get to see some of the conflict that's brewing between Rachel, Nick, and Nick's very judge-y, well-to-do mother. Nick's mother doesn't want him to have anything to do with Rachel's average status, and seemingly doesn't hesitate to make that perfectly clear to Rachel on multiple occasions.

"She just thinks you're some like, unrefined banana," Rachel's scene-stealing best friend Goh Peik Lin (played by Awkwafina) tells her. "Yellow on the outside, white on the inside."

Next up on the tour-de-wealth is an off-the-chain rager, complete with hot tubs, a climbing wall, a foam pit, and babes in bikinis on a stage. There's also some scenes with a bunch of ornate tables and chairs, a few longer looks at everyone in their formal finery, and shots from another party — this one's way bigger and way fancier.

The film isn't slated to come out until Aug. 17, but fans on Twitter are already super excited after getting to see the full trailer. People are generally pumped about how the whole thing looks, but there's also a lot of love for the fact that the film used an all-Asian cast.

"I'm so excited for #CrazyRichAsians to come out!" one fan wrote. "It is an entirely Asian cast where Asians are going to be given a complex and realistic background for once. Plus, Asian men are seen as attractive and desirable and Asian women are not overly sexualized."

"[I] have watched the #CrazyRichAsians trailer like 5 times now and i legit want to cry every time bc its so beautiful and i cant believe i get to watch an all [A]sian cast telling an [A]sian story on the big screen lord what did i do to deserve this beauty," another fan wrote.

Even though you'll have to wait a while for the film's big-screen debut, the full trailer is definitely worth a watch. Check it out in the video above, and maybe rewatch it a few hundred times before Crazy Rich Asians hits theaters this August.