'I'm A Celebrity's 2019 Line-Up Might Just Be The Best Yet


Hold on to your hats and grab that mozzie spray, because the full I'm A Celebrity 2019 line-up is finally here. After weeks of speculation, ITV has confirmed who'll be heading into the jungle, and it looks like this series might just be the best yet. Not only are Ant and Dec back together again, but one of the world's most talked-about celebs will be making her way into the Australian wilderness.

They'll be joining the typical I'm A Celeb mix of TV personalities, musicians, actors, and sports icons this Sunday (Nov. 17) as they start their three-week adventure in the jungle. That is unless the bush fires currently raging in Queensland and New South Wales don't spread near camp or the production site, which could be a possibility. As the Express notes, "[a]ccording to reports, the show's producers are monitoring the situation closely with the blazes close to the celebrity camp."

ITV faced the same dilemma last year and was ready to evacuate the celebs and crew in case the fires got too close. Whether or not this series will be postponed or cancelled depends on mother nature, but as stands now, it's all go for 2019's celebs to brave the wilderness. So which celebs will be stealing the show this year?


Caitlyn Jenner


Somehow ITV managed to land Olympian and reality star Caitlyn Jenner for this year's I'm A Celeb. Jenner has already experienced the jungle thanks to the U.S. version of the show, but she's more than up for taking the original challenge.

"Being in the Jungle is certainly not easy and yes, it is totally back to basics but I thought this would be a great opportunity to leave everything behind for three weeks," she told ITV. "Last time, it was almost like a cleansing of the soul!"


Roman Kemp


It's no surprise that Capital Radio's Roman Kemp made his way into the jungle, seeing as he's an avid fan of the show. "I love the programme so much. I love it when it kicks off with the first show and you see Ant and Dec arrive," Kemp told ITV.

And make sure you follow Martin Kemp's social media during his son's time in the jungle, because he'll be ready and waiting to post embarrassing screenshots. "My Dad loves it," Kemp said. "He is ready to find the worst freeze frame possible of my face and put it out on social media!"


Nadine Coyle


Get ready for the nostalgia, because Girls Aloud's Nadine Coyle is on this year's I'm A Celeb roster. "I really hope that by doing this, it pushes me so far out the comfort zone and that I learn to be comfortable, feel relaxed and do the things that I didn't used to be afraid of," the singer told ITV.

"I am excited but it also feels like a dream still. I know it is going to be a whole different story when I get out there!"


Kate Garraway


Instead of interviewing the celebs voted out of the jungle, Good Morning Britain's Kate Garraway will be the one experiencing camp life. "I am excited about doing the show because as you get older, you realise you don't get many chances for pure adventure in life," the presenter told ITV.

"I am going to give it a good shot and everyone can have a laugh and I hope it takes their mind off Brexit!"


Adele Roberts


If only the camp had a radio station, because Radio 1's Adele Roberts and Roman Kemp would make the ultimate DJ dream team.

If the campmates get bored in between trials and tasks, Roberts will have them covered. "I am thinking that I might make a little studio in the camp and draw a line. When people cross over the line, they are in my studio and I will interview them (like I do on my radio programme)," she explained to ITV.


Myles Stephenson


After winning 2017's X Factor with Rak-Su, Myles Stephenson is venturing into the jungle minus his bandmates. "Going on I'm A Celebrity is going to be so much harder than doing The X Factor but I am so excited," Stephenson told ITV.

"I know my family are going to be wetting themselves laughing watching me do Bushtucker Trials. Anything involving small confined spaces or bugs is going to be hard!"


Ian Wright


BBC Sports presenter and Arsenal icon Ian Wright is finally making his way into the jungle, after being asked every year to be involved with the show. It seems like ITV has 2018 winner Harry Redknapp to thank for changing Wright's mind, as the two are good mates and Redknapp cannot stop talking about his time in the jungle.

"Now it does appeal to me at this particular time," Wright told ITV. I like the vibe, it is a really cool show and I am really intrigued."


Andrew Maxwell


With a mix of campmates like this year there's bound to be some hilarity, but with comedian Andrew Maxwell in the mix there will definitely be laughter flowing through the jungle.

"I am really looking forward to being in Australia and being part of this year's I'm A Celebrity. It was a no brainer when they asked me and I said 'yes' immediately," Maxwell told ITV. "In fact on the day of my meeting, we were clearing out the basement at home and there was a spider. I picked it up and put it on my face for a bit of practice!"


Jaqueline Jossa


Known for her role as Lauren Branning on EastEnders, actor Jacqueline Jossa is looking forward to experiencing jungle life for the first time.

"My old colleagues on EastEnders are going to be shocked. I don't think they can imagine me in there. I don't like creatures, it's not my thing," Jossa explained to ITV. "I have also never done rock climbing, jumped out of a plane or camped in my life. I am not that kind of girl."

"But having said all that, I am really excited. This is something completely different and it's going to be a totally new experience."


James Haskell


Ian Wright isn't the only sports legend in the camp, as former England rugby union player James Haskell will also be tackling what the jungle has to offer.

"A lot of my team mates had said in the past 'wouldn't it be fun if you went into the Jungle' but I always laughed as a) I thought nobody would approach me and b) I thought I was going to be in the World Cup but I retired sooner than I thought!" Haskell told ITV.

"And so to be asked is such a special opportunity. You will get to test yourself in amazing surroundings and find out a little bit more about yourself. I am excited."


I'm A Celebrity 2019 starts this Sunday (Nov. 17) at 9 p.m. on ITV