'I'm A Celeb' 2018 Features Everyone From Broadway Superstars To Boyband Members

by Aoife Hanna
I'm A Celebrity/ITV

Do you ever yearn for sunnier climates? As days grow shorter, it is easy to stare longingly at any number of Australian TV dramas and their endless summers. In case your longing and soul crushing jealousy feels a little too much to handle, get involved with the latest season of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, glance at your friendly tiny household spider and remember why you live here. To add to your relief and entertainment, the line up for I'm A Celebrity 2018 has finally been announced and it is quite a cocktail of interesting characters.

Yes, winter is slowly sinking its talons in over here but guys, they might have nice weather but what about all the beasts? Yes y'all, as I have previously reported, the set is already infested with leeches, so if you feel jealous looking at all those beautiful and tanned people on Home And Away or Neighbours, just stick I'm A Celeb on and remember, that all that glitters is not gold.

This year's line up has the usual blend of TV personalities, sports stars, actors, pop stars, and Dec minus Ant. Yes, Holly Willoughby has stepped in to take Ant's place for this season, after much speculation. But who will Holly and Dec be chatting about in the jungle this year?


Nick Knowles

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here/ITV

Now all I am saying is that if I were in a jungle and needed a shelter built, I would want Knowles in the mix. Host of hit BBC show DIY SOS for a pretty mega 19 years, Knowles is likely to be useful with a bit of timber. But will he know how to cope without his tools?


Sair Khan

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here/ITV

You might recognise Sair Khan best from the cobbles of Coronation Street. Yes, Khan has been starring as Alya Nazir in the addictive AF show since 2014.


Emily Atack

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here/ITV

Fans of The Inbetweeners will recognise Atack as Will McKenzie's romantic interest. The hilarious actress has more recently starred in reboots of iconic UK comedy hits like Birds Of A Feather and Dads Army as well as iconic female focused sketch show, The Tracey Ullman Show.


Harry Redknapp

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here/ITV

The patriarch of what could easily be described as a football dynasty, Redknapp has has a fairly illustrious career. He was a successful footballer in his own right, the former midfielder has gone on to manage several football teams including Portsmouth, who he brought to FA Cup success in 2008/2009. He is dad to former footballer Jamie Redknapp, and his nephew via his wife is Frank Lampard. So yeah, like I said, dynasty for sure.


Fleur East

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here/ITV

OK so, any X Factor fans take the floor, this is your time to freak out. East is best known as runner-up on the 2014 season of ITV's The X Factor. Since then, she has released some of her own music, in particular her single Sax which is insanely catchy and got to number three in the UK charts. Nothing to sniff at, and should be able to keep the contestants in good spirits with her killer tunes.


Anne Hegerty

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here/ITV

Any fans of TV quiz shows would be pretty silly if they hadn't watched The Chase. It is honestly one of the most engaging quiz shows there are, and sassy AF Hegerty appears on it as The Governess. Scary as she is clever, Hegerty might surprise viewers with a softer side, but will definitely astound them which how knowledgable she is.


Malique Thompson-Dwyer

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here/ITV

A prince among the paupers, Thompson-Dwyer has appeared on Hollyoaks as Prince McQueen since 2016. The actor is already popular in his role on Channel 4's very own soap opera, but fans of the show needn't despair as he has confirmed that he will be returning to Hollyoaks after I'm A Celeb ends.


Rita Simons

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here/ITV

Roxy off Eastenders! Guys it's Roxy (RIP)! Now, will she be able to bring as much sass/drama as Albert Square's own chaos monger? Well, TBC but one thing for sure is that she should know her way around dealing with people arguing. If she can break up a fight at the Queen Vic? Then she can do anything.


James McVey

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here/ITV

Lead vocalist and guitarist of boyband The Vamps, McVey is likely to be the one leading fire side sing alongs. Likely to get votes from mega fans, including the likes of celebrities like Brooklyn Beckham, who previously made a cameo in one of their music videos.


John Barrowman

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here/ITV

Give us a show tune, John! Barrowman is West End royalty, as well as having starred in lots of TV shows, including Dr Who spinoff, Torchwood. He has always proven to be great entertainment value on shows as a star, judge, panellist, host, you name it — he can do it. Most likely to inject energy into a flagging camp.


With a line up like this, who needs to look elsewhere.

Watch I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here on ITV Sunday November 18th at 9 p.m.