Fuller Figure Fuller Bust & Playful Promises' Collab Is A Cabaret Dream In Sizes 8-26

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust x Playful Promises

Lingerie lines that cater to both straight and plus-size consumers are rare enough, let alone ones that evoke such dreamy vibes you'll feel like you're in a production of Chicago or Moulin Rouge. When it comes to the Fuller Figure Fuller Bust x Playful Promises collection, however, which has been designed in collaboration with plus-size blogger and model Georgina Horne, that's almost certainly what will happen. With intricate French knickers, luxurious devoré robes, sheer lace bodies, fringed capes, and more, the nine-piece line is a romantic departure from most ranges, particularly those that curve customers are usually funnelled toward.

The collection, available in sizes 8 to 26, encompasses both the brand's "core" and "curve" ranges, which was an intentional decision by Horne and Playful Promises. "Over the years, it’s become pretty apparent that my followers come in a range of sizes," Horne tells Bustle. "And as I’m someone who straddles both ranges in a lot of stores, I thought a full size range was ideal. Plus, I know that Playful Promises fit their items on multiple sizes, so it would be properly graded in plus." With a price range of £20 to £110, the collection will hopefully have something for a variety of budgets, too.

Horne says she drew inspiration from "vaudeville, cabaret, [and] burlesque" when designing the collection, while Emma Parker, founder of Playful Promises, tells Bustle she was drawn to the idea of "baroque over indulgence — [lots of] teals and golds." This overall aesthetic, which also reads as bold, classic, feminine, sexy, and unapologetic, is undoubtedly still difficult to come by in most plus ranges and collections — even though making these features available to women and femmes of all sizes is so important.

Courtesy Playful Promises

"Decadent and lustrous items are often only available in smaller sizes," Horne explains. "And I think it should be for every body. [The lack of options] almost implies that [these styles are] a reward for smaller bodies — nope!"

Indeed, in most often seeing straight-size influencers and straight-size brands creating products that are "sexy" or "sultry," the message reads loud and clear. These are not words or experiences for plus-size people. We aren't worthy, after all. We can't be, unless, of course, we lose weight.

In actuality, plus-size individuals are worthy of it all. The dearth of intriguing, mysterious, dreamy, or romantic lingerie made specifically for us isn't an accurate reflection of our experiences. It doesn't represent our lives, which are so often filled with beauty, with fun, with sex, with love, with passion — things we can achieve in any body, at any time, regardless of the dominant cultural narrative that tells us otherwise.

Courtesy Playful Promises

We may not need gorgeous lingerie in order to have those sensory experiences, but these garments can add something special. "Everyone always aligns 'sexy' with 'sex,'" says Horne. "But sometimes it’s about just letting your body exist in another state." Lingerie doesn't have to be purchased with sex as the end goal — sometimes its value is wholly personal. Sometimes it fills the wearer with a sense of empowerment or confidence. Other times, it feels like a manifestation of one's beauty and strength. And if nothing else, sometimes it's just nice to feel glamorous and hot — even if all you're doing on that particular day is vacuuming the rugs or watching a new Netflix documentary.

When it comes to her own collection, Horne says that she hopes buyers "feel beautiful, powerful, sexy, empowered, and like they own something lush!" As for Parker, she hopes they are "content with both how they feel about themselves and the product (although I hope they feel content all the time)."

Ideally, society will make strides toward a place where plus-size babes, and babes of all sizes for that matter, are allowed to feel content all the time. Where no one is berating our bodies for occupying "too much space" or suggesting that we do not deserve certain styles because our bodies are "too imperfect." In the meantime, however, making such products available to consumers used to hearing all about those "imperfections" feels important.

Courtesy Playful Promises

When it comes to Playful Promises, we will hopefully be seeing more styles, and in an even more inclusive range of sizes in the future. "I want to contribute to making more interesting products available to plus-size people," Parker tells Bustle. "And also showing models of more sizes (often even plus sites use the smallest plus-size model available)."

With a history of collaborating with OG plus-size blogger Gabi Gregg and now Horne, influencers who are immersed in conversations regarding actual plus-size consumers' wants and needs, the brand is certainly on track in its aspirations. After all, there are no better representatives for plus-size consumers than actual plus-size people — a simple concept, but one that all too many brands have yet to embrace fully.