'Fuller House' Opened With The Most On-Brand Musical Number & These Lyrics Prove It

by Nicole Pomarico
Mike Yarish/Netflix

After a months long break, Fuller House is finally back with Season 3 on Netflix, and it opens with a bang. Now that it's summer vacation for Jackson and Max, they're ready to celebrate with a new song and an equally cheesy montage to go with it. Lyrics to the Fuller House opening song "Best Summer Ever" are as adorable as it gets, and it's so catchy there's a good chance it's going to be playing over and over again in fans' heads for weeks to come.

First, let's get this out of the way: This new song is for the first episode only, so don't think that Carly Rae Jepsen's rendition of the original Full House theme song is gone. Nope, it's still there at the beginning of every episode, so never fear. "Best Summer Ever" is just a really adorable way to kick off Season 3 with tons of clips of everyone's favorite TV family... and, for the Fuller kids, the first day of their summer break.

Of course, later on, Jackson finds out that he's not actually on summer break, because DJ signed him up to take summer school to bring up his grades... but if he'd known that at the beginning of the ep, this would have been a way sadder song.

First, Max kicks the whole thing off when he wakes up in the morning:

It's not that I don't love school, I do
But summer is so much better, it's true
Come on Jackson, get out of bed, let's go

And then, Jackson responds, "you deserve the best summer ever, bro," as Ramona slides into their bedroom, still in her PJs, adding, "come on guys, let's go party."

Max picks it up from there:

Lead the way so we won't be tardy
You can come, too, and you and you, and even you
Come on outside, everyone

At this point, the whole group is in the kitchen, where DJ's making breakfast and sings, "Oh look, it's my favorite son — just kidding, I love you all the same. Not really; your brothers are lame."

Stephanie sings, "let's make this the best summer ever," before Kimmy responds, "I'm enjoying my scrambled eggs, but whatever."

Then, the entire cast launches into the chorus — complete with choreographed dance moves in the backyard:

Sounds of the summer: Beach, waves, surfing, splashing, hot days, cool colors, radios are blasting
Best summer ever, gonna party with my friends
It's never gonna end, we're really in this thing together
Best summer ever
Yeah, the beat is gonna drop and the fun will never stop
And nothing would be better

Then, Fernando, Jimmy, Matt, and Steve appear in the backyard and start singing:

The summer breeze, the evening stars
The clickety-clack of the cable cars
Holding hands and summer kisses
What a magical feeling this is

Then, the ending, which obviously includes more choreography, duh:

I know you feel the same way too
Best summer ever
Rain or blue sky, never let a day go by
Best summer ever
Goes way too fast, gonna make it last

Of course, at that point, Max wakes up again, only for real this time, because the entire song and dance number was just a dream. Not that it would be all that shocking if it wasn't, since this is Fuller House and over the top moments like this are part of the show's charm.

There's a lot going on during this song, like Kimmy's pineapple hat and the fact that, for some reason, Steve is dressed as Bugs Bunny, so it's definitely worth a rewatch or two to make sure you catch everything. The song isn't here to stay, but it does set an upbeat tone for the rest of the season. Good job, Max.