The Golden Globes Poked Fun At Jon Snow's Return


In case you somehow forgot, 2016 was the year Jon Snow came back to us all, and the Golden Globes made a Game of Thrones "Jon Snow is alive" joke to remind fans of what was pretty much the biggest moment in our lives this past year. The awards show's opening skit had a quick nod to the HBO series, showing Kit Harington with his eyes closed in the back of a limo on the way to the awards. Suddenly, his eyes burst wide open and he took a huge breath, aka exactly how he came back to life on the actual show.

Of course, the clothing choices were a little different between the real show and the Golden Globes. In Game of Thrones, Jon Snow came back to life while naked, which was a real treat for fans everywhere. (Later we learned Harington was wearing Uggs while he filmed the scene, which is a fantastic image.) But, during the Globes on Sunday, Harington was just a little more spiffy, dressed in a full tux. Hey, you can't blame him for covering his abs on this occasion — he is going to a pretty important awards show after all. You can see the whole opening song in the video below, and look out for Harington around 1:12.

Unfortunately Harington's performance coming back to life as Jon Snow in Season 6 of Game of Thrones didn't warrant him a nomination this year, but he can support his fellow show nominees. Lena Headey is up for Best Supporting Actress in a Series and Game of Thrones in general is up for Best Drama Series.

But, even if Game of Thrones doesn't win an award on Sunday, fans already won earlier this year when the gift of alive Jon Snow was bestowed upon us — abs and all.