You May Have Totally Missed This Celebrity Cameo In The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Premiere

Helen Sloan/HBO

There was a lot to unpack during Sunday night's Game of Thrones premiere: Jon found out he's a Targaryen; Arya reunited with Jon, Gendry, and the Hound; the Golden Company made their debut. So it'd be understandable if a few details managed to slip through the cracks — like the fact that the GoT Season 8 premiere included a secret cameo that many of you may have missed. Though once you see it, you'll come to love the episode even more than you already do.

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, the creator and star of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Rob McElhenney, appeared as a member of Euron Greyjoy's fleet. He was actually guarding the very ship where Yara was being held prisoner, unfortunately for him, considering that Theon and his fellow ironborn men came to rescue her during the episode, which resulted in the death of McElhenney's unnamed character. And since this is Game of Thrones we're talking about here, you better believe the death was pretty gruesome and involved getting an arrow shot directly into his eyeball. So while the cameo was extremely short-lived (in more ways than one), it's definitely a fun surprise to spot for It's Always Sunny fans.

For his part, McElhenney posted of photo of his time on set, captioning the image with two simple words: "Don't blink."

A behind-the-scenes video of the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere has since been released on YouTube, which dives into various aspects of the episode, including McElhenney's brief appearance. "They gouged my eye out!" he can be heard saying around the 3:50 mark in the clip. "They gouged my f*cking eye out. They can put it back in, right?"

The video also shows the death of his character, so in case you missed it the first time around but don't want to go back and try to find the precise moment it happens, this is an easy way to access the scene.

And if you're wondering if McElhenney's involvement in the show is totally random, it isn't. In fact, he's always been a steadfast Game of Thrones fan and even had showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss write an episode of Sunny back during Season 9 titled "Flowers for Charlie." So these guys go way back, which explains how this unexpected cameo came to fruition in the first place.

Typically, Game of Thrones doesn't tend to cater to big celebrity guest stars like some other shows are wont to do. However, they have allowed a few notable appearances throughout the years. Ed Sheeran showed up as a Lannister soldier in Season 7 (whose fate may have been referenced during the Season 8 premiere). Other guest stars include Sigur Rós, Coldplay's Will Champion, Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody, and Of Monsters and Men.

None of these characters ever seem to go on to make a lasting impact on the series or the storylines, but they're still fun to spot when the opportunity comes around every so often. So RIP unknown character. Take comfort in knowing that you lived longer than a lot of other people on this show.