This Theory About Jon Snow Could Change A Lot In 'GoT' Season 7

Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO

There was a lot — seriously, a lot — to process on the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones on Sunday night. However, there's a chance you missed some important clues that could connect Beric Dondarrion to Jon Snow and connect them both the the defeat of the White Walkers. That's right: one fan theory says Jon Snow might be a fire wight and thus, could be one of the big keys to killing off the White Walkers — basically saving Westeros in the process — is out there on the Internet and we're going to talk about it right now.

Alright let's break this down. The first thing that must be understood is that the imagery of fire and ice opposing one another has been a key images and then in the world of Game of Thrones for a while now. That this opposition could take a human — or pseudo-human, in the case of the White Walkers — form makes total sense.

Secondly, consider what Vanity Fair points out in their coverage about lingering questions from the Season 7 premiere. In contemplating why Beric is suddenly such an important character, it would seem that he and Jon may have a lot more in common that fans realize. Both characters may be fire wights, which was a concept brought up by George R.R. Martin in a recent Time interview. "[Beric's] heart isn’t beating, his blood isn’t flowing in his veins, he’s a wight, but a wight animated by fire instead of by ice, now we’re getting back to the whole fire and ice thing." If Martin's statement is true, then both Beric and Jon, who have both be reanimated the same way and thus, making them both fire wights, could be formidable opponents against the White Walkers.

With Beric currently setting a course for Winterfell, it's easy to imagine that he would reconvene with Jon and the two men would talk about Jon's resurrection and the implications of it. If the concept of fire wights is adopted for the show, the Jon shouldn't worry too much about finding enough men to fight the White Walkers, even if it is a scary idea.

And so, this idea that only fire and ice can truly battle against one another and subsequently, only one element could theoretically win out gives life — and hope — to the human contingent in Game of Thrones. Furthermore, this whole fire wight idea may have just made Season 7 a hell of a lot more interesting.