Glossier’s Phase 1 Set Is Now Cheaper

by Augusta Statz
Courtesy Glossier

I’m not going to pretend like the price of a Glossier product keeps me from buying it. I’ve found their items to be well worth every single penny I've spent on them — however, it’s always exciting when your favorite beauty products become even more affordable. Glossier lowered the price of the Phase 1 Set, so clear out some room on your top shelf!

According to the brand’s Instagram, you can now shop their Phase 1 Set, which is kind of like a starter kit, for just $45. That means you’re in for some major savings, because the set was formerly $80. So, yeah. Get ready to fall in love with Glossier. If you haven’t tried this skin care and makeup line, now’s the time to do so.

The new price is great, but unfortunately, my personal favorite item was taken out of the Phase 1 Set in the process of cutting costs. The Phase 1 Set now contains the brand’s Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer and Balm Dotcom. The Perfecting Skin Tint has been removed from the bundle, but thankfully, it can still be purchased separately. And trust me — it’s worth the buy. Now you’re getting three incredible products for the price $45, and that really is quite amazing. There are a lot of reasons to shop Glossier, and the fact that they really consider what their customers want is definitely one of them!

Milky Jelly Cleanser, $18, Glossier | Priming Moisturizer, $25, Glossier | Balm Dotcom, $12, Glossier | Perfecting Skin Tint, $26, Glossier

You can choose your fave Balm Dotcom flavor, and you'll also receive their incredible primer and cleanser. Not a bad deal at all.

This really is the best news!

The only thing you're missing now is the Perfecting Skin Tint, which can now be found under the "Makeup" category on their website for $26.

They've also lowered the price of their Phase 2 Set! So, the good news just keeps on coming. You can now find these makeup staples for just $40.

Now you can pay your bills and buy your beauty items, too. Best of both worlds!

There's nothing you won't love about these products, especially now that they come at an even lower rate!

Courtesy Glossier

Phase 1 Set, $45, Glossier

Your skin care routine should be far from basic. That's precisely why you need to keep these three items on rotation.

Courtesy Glossier

Phase 2 Set, $40, Glossier

Might as well add some of these must-haves to your collection, too. Concealer, brow product and a great lippie will amp up your routine in a major way. It's now retailing for $40 instead of $50.

If you've been waiting for the perfect excuse to give Glossier a go, well, now you have it. It's good for your wallet and your skin. Now, that's a win-win!