These Are All The Hilarious Families You Can Expect To See On 'Gogglebox' This Year


Entering into someone else's living room to get an insight into how they watch TV sounds pretty appealing to me, even more so when those people turn out to be hilarious. That's why Gogglebox has been a weekly staple for me. It's strange how close you can feel to these people while watching them watch TV, and I feel like I know many of the Goggleboxers personally. That's why I'm so intrigued to learn about the new Gogglebox cast, so I can suss out who'll be making me chuckle on Friday evenings very soon. And lucky for me, they look like a hilarious bunch.

Fortunately, Gogglebox 2019 will still have some familiar faces, including Giles and Mary, the TV watchers from Wiltshire who probably have the driest sense of humour of the cast, and often refer to one another by the pet name "nutty". Also returning are Jenny and Lee, the best pals from Hull who come equipped with incredible one liners, and some of the funniest commentary of the whole show. The dynamic Michael family will also be reappearing, having been on the show since its first series. And of course, no Gogglebox series could be complete without the two national treasures, Mary and Marina.

The fairly new castmembers Amira and Iqra will also be back again to make you smile with their infectious laughter. Classic married couple Dave and Shirley will also be making a reappearance, giving the show its dose of Welsh greatness. And of course, no Gogglebox series would be complete without the Siddiqui family, who have been providing the show with some of its sharpest commentary since day one.

The laugh-a-lots that are Pete and Sophie, the brother and sister duo from Blackpool, will also be back, along with the McCormick family, who joined the show back in 2016 as a way to give visibility to son Isaac's Tourette's syndrome. Another family I'm excited to see returning is the Malone family, who come accompanied by with two Rottweilers and a table usually full of biscuits and snacks.

Pete and Lynne, the couple who have been in and out of the series over the years will also be making a happy return. To be fair, they must be kept pretty busy, what with being foster parents and all. You'll also be reacquainted with the instantly recognisable Woerdenweber Family, who are known to bring a bit of heavy metal to the show. The laidback regulars Marcus, Mica, Sachelle, and Shuggy will also be back to provide some entertaining commentary, thank goodness.

Newbies Tremaine, Twaine, and Tristan aka the Plummers will also be at hand to provide some hysterical moments, as well as a bit of eye candy. Last but not least is Ellie and Issy, two sisters who have had a fair few controversial moments on the show, including the time they made jokes out of this tragic airplane story. But love them or hate them, they'll be completing the lineup of what's set to be an excellent Gogglebox series 13. Watch them in action as the series premieres on Channel 4 at 10 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 22.

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