The Golden Globes' Tribute To Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds Was Short, Sweet, & Heartbreaking — VIDEO

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Golden Globes stand out from other awards shows for honoring the best in both film and television, so it's fitting that they took a break from celebrating to remember two stars who shone in all mediums. The 2017 Golden Globes' tribute to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds came suddenly, about halfway through the broadcast, and the brief montage was absolutely beautiful. Between them, the talented mother and daughter conquered film, television, books, and even music over the course of their careers. But what many fans seem to be remembering the most since their tragic deaths on Dec. 27 and 28 is the bond they had with each other.

Fittingly, the Golden Globes' tribute was a montage that included not just highlights from each of their acting careers, but footage of them together, from both Fisher's childhood and more recent years. When Jimmy Fallon introduced the tribute, he also focused on their relationship and said:

"Hollywood has been around for over 100 years. Five generations built this industry. It’s a big industry. Sometimes we forget it's actually a community — a community of families. This past year we lost so many legends and icons, but a few weeks ago we lost a mother and a daughter within just a couple of days, and it was terrible loss that we all felt. So tonight, we’d like to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds."

You can watch the tribute below.

A few weeks may have passed, but Hollywood and fans are still reeling from the loss of both incredibly talented women. Tributes like this may not make coping with their losses any easier, but they ensure that Fisher and Reynolds' contributions and incredible bond will never be forgotten.