The Greggs Christmas Menu Has Pigs In Blankets & A *Mind-Blowing* Festive Sandwich


Nothing screams Christmas quite like warming yourself up at lunch time with a festive sandwich or beating the mid-afternoon lull with a hot chocolate. Whilst Halloween may have been and gone there are still plenty of excuses to treat yourself because, whilst it might be a little early, shops are starting to stock their Christmas goods. As a Northerner, there has been one menu I have been eagerly anticipating, and that's the Greggs 2018 Christmas menu. From cakes, sandwiches, soups, and most importantly, pigs in blankets, Greggs will have all of your Christmas cravings covered.

Greggs launches it’s Christmas menu across the country on Nov. 8. It is the only time of the year that Cornish pasties and ice buns can take a back seat in favour of more festive treats. Whilst some old favourites are returning for another year Greggs have also added to the menu. With seven savoury snacks, eight sweet treats, and three new hot drinks on the menu you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you plan on hitting Greggs to try one of their Christmas offerings or will attempt to try one of everything on the festive menu on the run up to Dec. 25, here is a full list of what is on the Greggs 2018 Christmas menu.


Pigs In Blankets


I might love pigs in blankets more than Christmas itself so the list had to begin here. Served in a pot this is the perfect sneaky treat. However, be warned whilst they might be the pièce de résistance of Christmas dinner it has been reported by The Sun that the pigs in blankets pots will only be available in 150 Greggs stores across the UK.


Festive Bake


If you want to try something off the festive menu but don't want to deviate too far away from your normal Greggs order, the festive bake is a pretty safe bet. With all the makings of a good Christmas dinner wrapped in pastry where could you go wrong?


Turkey, Bacon, & Cranberry Roll


Similar to the festive bake, if you fancy a classic sausage roll the turkey, bacon, and cranberry roll is the answer. With all the insanely good things about a sausage roll it is a little taste of Christmas.


Pigs Under Blankets Baguette


Whilst the little pigs in blankets pots may be hard to get your hands on the pigs under blankets baguette should be much easier to come by. Sausage, bacon, and cranberry sauce sandwiched in a baguette sounds like the perfect midday treat to me.


Christmas Lunch Soup


There is no denying it, it is getting a little chilly outside and nothing combats the cold quite like some hot soup. The chunky Christmas lunch soup has all the best components and flavours of Christmas dinner in a hot little pot.


Christmas Lunch Sandwich


If you want to go straight up traditional the Christmas lunch sandwich looks absolutely delicious. Reminiscent of turkey, cranberry, stuffing, and bacon sandwiches you always have after your big Christmas dinner this looks absolutely delicious and making me very excited for the big day.


Cheese & Chutney Toastie


The second thing I love most about Christmas (after the pigs in blankets) is that it is acceptable to eat any and all of the cheese. This super cheesy, tangy toastie with onion ale chutney looks delicious and the best way to warm yourself up during the cold lunchtimes at work.


Sweet Mince Pie


No Christmas menu would be complete without the addition of a mince pie. It just wouldn't be right. The little sweet treats are the perfect antidote to the 3 p.m. work blues. With a cup of tea, it will have your energy levels right back up and you feeling super festive.


Snowy Road


These bite size white chocolate and cranberry delights are new to the Greggs Christmas menu this year. So if you needed more of an excuse to go out and try them there it is. And they're only little so you won't have to feel too guilty about being indulgent.


Mini Christmas Caramel Shortbread


The mini Christmas caramel shortbread's are essentially your favourite all year round coffee accompaniment but gold, and therefore, christmassy. Since they are so tiny and come in a box they are perfect for festive get togethers or brought into the office to bring a bit of Christmas cheer. I guarantee for as long as they're sat on your desk you will be the most popular person in the room.


Chocolate Cherry Muffin


For those of you with a super sweet tooth the chocolate cherry muffin will be right up your street. A decadent chocolate muffin with cherry jam oozing out of the middle sounds dreamy to me. Christmas is about treating yourself as well as others, right?


Christmas Ring Bun Cupcake


I would buy one of the Christmas ring bun cupcakes just for one of the cute little figurines on top. They are adorable. A tasty little vanilla cupcake, iced with sprinkles on top is the definitive little afternoon treat tucked up with a good book and a cup of tea.


Christmas Pudding Biscuit


Another super cute sweet treat from the Christmas menu are these Christmas pudding biscuits. The shortbread covered in milk and white chocolate look so tasty and as well as being Christmas themed, they beat any old biscuit you'll find in your biscuit tin this Christmas.


Christmas Cake Slice


Another definitively Christmas treat is the Greggs Christmas cake slice which is perfect to grab if you need a little pick me up on the go. The fruity cake topped with icing is as true to Christmas as carols and mince pies.


Christmas Tree Biscuit


Another sweet biscuit that will pip any other to the post is the Christmas tree biscuit. Covered in milk chocolate and sprinkles with a star on top for good measure, this looks super tasty. Whilst it may keep children entertained, it also looks pretty good for adults too.


Mint Mocha


This Christmas Greggs has introduced some new hot drinks that may compete with the big coffee chains. If Christmas coffee is your thing you will love the mint mocha. The chocolatey coffee with refreshing mint will warm you from the inside as well as giving you a little caffeine kick.


Salted Caramel Latte


The salted caramel latte literally tastes of Christmas. It is sweet and comforting. If you are in need of warming up on the commute home this is the perfect little indulgent treat.


Mint Hot Chocolate


Lastly, if you want the Christmassy beverage treat without the caffeine then you can't go wrong with a mint hot chocolate. A twist on the comforting classic, the mint hot chocolate is new to the Greggs Christmas menu this year and is definitely a hit in my books.


So there you have it, every item on the Greggs Christmas menu for 2018. Whilst availability may vary in shops across the country you should be able to get your hands on these treats on the run up to Dec. 25. Now the only question is what is the tastiest item?