This DEVOUR Super Bowl Ad Takes An Unexpected Turn


Hi there, I just watched what I thought was going to be a run-of-the-mill Super Bowl commercial, and now I think I need an adult? Who is this guy from the DEVOUR Super Bowl commercial, and why is he so turned on by a microwaveable frozen meal? Well, DEVOUR is glad you asked, because they went through a three-city open casting call in New York, Houston, and Los Angeles to find their lead actor, ultimately plucking him from non-union obscurity to perform the sexual acrobatics you see before you, opposite his costar — DEVOUR's Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese. His name is Jude Flannelly, and he's being touted as a "real guy" from Queens, NY, who won $100,000 for his selection as the star of this commercial.

Which... feels appropriate, considering the things I just watched him do with a microwave dinner. DEVOUR's risqué motto is "food you want to fork," and yup, that's definitely the feeling I get from this ad. It sets up Jude as someone auditioning, performing for a panel of three judges, and here's the blurb for the commercial, as described in a press release by the very people who produced it:

As Jude passionately digs into a bowl of DEVOUR Buffalo Chicken Mac and Blue Cheese, and is overcome by its craveable, indulgent flavors, the executives themselves get equally overheated.

Ummm... that's putting it mildly — everyone in this ad wants to fork that food, Fifty Shades of Grey-style; we've got undressing, back arching, moaning, and lip-biting, all leading up to the eruption of soda at the end. It's... a lot, so it's probably good we all got an advanced warning of this Super Bowl LI commercial before it premieres during the game on Sunday. Otherwise, who knows what sort of amorous interactions it would have inspired between you and your seven-layer dip. (Hey, listen. They started it.)

Everyone be safe out there, and make sure that if you're going to watch this commercial, you don't do it with your parents or basically anyone you don't want to blush in front of. Seriously.