The Hair Coach Is A Smart Brush That Will Teach You How To Brush Your Locks, Because You're Probably Doing It Wrong

Even if you're not a believer in brushing your hair, the Hair Coach smart smart brush will help you learn how to correctly brush your hair in order to keep your hair healthy. The smart brush, more formally known as the Kérastase Hair Coach, is an invention thanks to a collaboration between L'Oreal, Kérastase, and a French electronic company called Withings.

With the help of the brush's sensors that sync to a smartphone application, this brush's algorithm will monitor the quality of your hair as well as how your everyday care routine affects your hair over time. As you brush your hair with the Hair Coach, the brush collects data automatically that is sent via Bluetooth or while on Wi-Fi to both iOS and Android phones. Some of the data the brush will collect includes a rating on breakage, damage, tangling, and dryness with a rating from low, medium, to high.

So how does it work? The brush includes sensors and a microphone that determine and listen to the sound of you brushing your hair, which helps identity patterns to analyze the force, rhythm, gesture, and stroke count of the way you brush your hair, according to a news release from L'Oreal. Over time this data will collect into an easy-to-read graph so that you can see progress or decline. You can even create a personalized hair care routine or find tips within the app. According to BBC, it could cost less than $200.


So when exactly will the Hair Coach be available to buy? Unfortunately this futuristic brush won't be available until fall 2017, but you can sign up via Withings to be one of the first to know about its launch.

Even though there's not much information about the product, this brush might just be the next best thing for your hair — welcome to the future of personalized beauty!