This £3 Product Is The Secret To Lucie's Dreamy Curls On 'Love Island'


Love Island hasn't even been on our TV screens for two weeks yet and I am already obsessed. Things are really heating up at the moment, with new girl Maura making waves in the villa with her sassy attitude. But the only waves I'm actually concerned about at the moment (excuse that awful transition) are the ones on Lucie's head. I've always dreamed of super beachy, surfer girl blonde waves like hers, so the news that the hair product Love Island's Lucie uses to create her waves is less than a fiver comes as a welcome surprise.

Yep, Cosmopolitan has reported that the product Lucie Donlan uses on her hair in the show is the VO5 Texturising Sea Salt Spray, which costs a mere £2.93 at Boots. Scoreeee.

TBH, this news sort of comes as no surprise seeing as the brand is Love Island's sponsor this year, but it's nice to hear the contestants really do enjoy the products.

This particular spray is apparently excellent at enhancing waves and making them slightly tighter, creating the awesome surf-inspired look that Lucie rocks on the regular. What's more, you can step away from the heated tools with this one, as all you need to do is spritz it on generously to damp locks, and loosely plait your hair. When it's dry, you'll have the dreamiest waves.

ITV Shutterstock

Although Lucie is said to love this particular spray, she has also featured another cult classic curl sprays on her Instagram feed, which she attributes her surf hair to.

Back in February, the new TV star posted a photo of her spraying Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray onto her locks while on the beach. Although she tagged the brand, it's unclear whether the post is sponsored as there are no ad tags. Hopefully we can trust Lucie really does love this spray, as do many beauty fans!

She also mentioned the product back in September 2018, writing:

"I’m not one for perfectly styled hair as you can probably tell, so was very excited to try this @bumbleandbumble 'Surf Spray.' The sea salt spray adds volume, texture and hold for beachy windswept hair!"

An earlier post shows Lucie clutching the Umberto Giannini Pool Proof Leave-in Hair Protection Cream, which, much like the VO5 product she uses, is bargain friendly at £8.25.

While I've not tried the VO5 Curl Spray Lucie loves, I do love Bumble & Bumble's version. But if none of the products above are working for you, I've picked out some other great curly sprays to try out this summer: