The New ‘Halloween’ Trailer Shows That Laurie Is Determined To Get Her Revenge

Michael Myers is back once again terrorizing his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois and this time, Laurie Strode is ready for him. Honestly, after watching the new Halloween trailer that may feel like a bit of an understatement since the latest Halloween sequel is focused on Laurie's revenge, which she's been plotting for the last 40 years in hopes that Michael would return. Now that he has, it's also clear how much scary movie fans have needed the return of Jamie Lee Curtis in her signature role. Seriously, bow down to the real horror queen and let her show the world how it's done.

The trailer for this new Halloween reboot, directed by David Gordon Greene, starts with Michael Myers in his signature mask having just escaped an institution and now stalking the town on Halloween night. In less than a minute, he takes his first victim and is prowling for his next. But Laurie isn't interested in rehashing the past, she's focused on the future.

This Laurie is in the mold of the Terminator's Sarah Connor and her only mission is to take down Michael Myers. "I have prayed every night," Curtis' Laurie says in the trailer's voiceover, "that he would escape." It's a bit of a weird wish, which is why it's no surprised she's asked why she's been doing this for the last four decades. As she explains, the answer is simple: "So I can kill him." That look on her face makes it clear, she means business.

The new Halloween is rewriting the entire franchise as fans know it. It wants viewers to forget about all the others sequels because this is the only one that actually matters. This is the direct sequel to the 1978 original — and possibly the scariest Halloween sequel, according to the original's director John Carpenter — and it puts the focus on Laurie's journey to cope with what happened 40 years ago on Halloween.

“The first movie I was running more, and in this movie I’m hunting more,” Curtis told Entertainment Weekly about revisiting her most famous character. “[You] watch this woman take back the narrative of her life.” Even better, with this sequel, Curtis is taking back the Halloween movies and proving Laurie was always the real star.

Forty years after her near death run-in with Michael Myers, Laurie now spends her spare time at the gun range and figuring out how best to protect her home. She even yells at her daughter, played by Judy Greer, for not having the proper security system. It's got her family a little worried that she's taken things too far. But with Michael Myers going around pulling people's teeth out, it's hard not to wonder if she's gone far enough.

This movie, out Oct. 19, is all about these two foes facing off again in a cat and mouse chase that is both a trick and a treat. (Another treat is that Halloween is Curtis' first appearance in the franchise since 2002. And Nick Castle, who played Michael in the original movie, is also reprising his role for the first time.)

It's a fight that's not going to be easy for Laurie, who finds herself in a deadly chokehold in the final moments of the trailer. Anyone else who's watching is definitely on the edge of their seat knowing that Laurie will not stop until Michael Myers is dead. Let's hope she doesn't lose her life in the process.