H&M x Girl Up Is Helping You Celebrate Fourth Of July


When it comes to the Fourth of July, the most important part of the day is definitely celebrating the country, but it's OK if some of us want to look cute while we do it. Thankfully, H&M x Girl Up is providing the perfect way to celebrate Independence Day. With an affordable price tag, a charitable bend, and a great design, the collaboration is the best way to show your patriotic pride and support an incredible organization.

H&M has created two tee shirts for their Fourth of July collection set to debut on June 22. The two designs are part of the bigger collection, but they have special significance. For every one of the two tee shirt designs that are sold, H&M will have $1 of their proceeds to the Girl Up campaign. Now, not only can you rock an adorable tee, but you can help raise money for an incredible cause.

What is Girl Up, though? The campaign is part of the United Nations Foundation and aims to help empower young female leaders globally. From education to health and safety, Girl Up helps to give equitable chances to girls in developing countries. Now, H&M is helping the campaign through their Fourth of July collection's tee shirts.

The tees will be available in store beginning on June 22, and with $1 going to the Girl Up campaign, why not make them part of your Fourth of July attire?

While there's no word on the pricing as of yet, H&M is known for its incredibly affordable clothing. If I had to guess, these tees will be no different.

If you want to snag one of the H&M x Girl Up tees, they'll be on sale June 22, and if you'd like $1 of the cost to go to Girl Up, shop before the Fourth of July. As of that date, the brand will no longer be donating to Girl Up. Make sure you don't miss these great tees for a great cause.