The 'House Of Flowers' Director Is Working On Another Murder Mystery Show

House of Flowers Season 3 will be it's last.

Spoilers ahead for The House of Flowers Season 3. After two seasons of scandalous affairs, criminal enterprises, cults, and dysfunctional family drama, the antics of the de la Mora family are coming to a close. The House of Flowers won't return after its third and final season, with director Manolo Caro confirming in 2018 that they always knew the show would end by its third season.

When Season 3 picks up, the de la Moras' grandmother has taken possession of the house, Paulina has landed herself in prison, Elena is confined to a hospital, and Julian's relationship with Diego is on the rocks thanks to them running up against conservative norms. These numerous woes push the show into a season-long time jump back to 1979, where we learn the origins of the circle of friendship of Virginia, Ernesto, Solomon, and Carmela, along with the dark secrets and crimes that snowballed into the problems that the de la Mora siblings have had to shoulder in the present.

Essentially, The House of Flowers ends where it began, which is fitting for a show about family and legacy. As sad as it is to see the story come to a close after just three seasons, Caro told Variety that the success of The House of Flowers "opened doors" and landed him a four-year deal with Netflix, giving him the opportunity to tell more stories set in Mexico.

Caro said that he's open to doing different genres and stories in other languages, as long as the projects always "speak honestly about issues that are important to me." First up? Someone Has to Die, a three-episode miniseries set in 1950s Spain. (No release date has been set yet.) The story kicks off when a young man's parents summon him home from Mexico to introduce him to his bride-to-be, but he turns up with his boyfriend Lazaro, a ballet dancer. The family quickly realizes to stay one step ahead of Spain's repressive government, someone will have to die.

"Someone Has to Die is a wonderful challenge, the first project in Spain and the first outside of comedy, which made me very nervous," Caro wrote on Instagram. "Having this cast of actors is a dream and makes everything easier. I was eager to start and now it's a reality."

The House of Flowers may be ending, but Caro seems to have much more mayhem, murder, and mystery in store.