This 'Girlboss' Song Is An Anthem For The Series

Karen Ballard/Netflix

SPOILERS for the Girlboss finale ahead. There's no denying that Netflix's Girlboss series has great songs. The show plays with genres and years and styles to take us back to a simpler time: The early 2000s when Sophia was trying to launch Nasty Gal. But, there is one track in particular that really sums up the show. "I'll Come Crashing" from Girlboss Episode 12 and the finale is a song from A Giant Dog and its lyrics fit Sophia to a T. It's probably why she doesn't like the song all that much (that, and, you know, the whole Shane thing).

Here's how the song starts out (and the part we hear frequently as Sophia plays it in her head).

Nothing in my nature tells me not to do bad things
I know that I really should be good tonight
There's a kind of satisfaction that destruction brings
Consequences never could convince me that I should do right

I mean, they might as well literally be singing about Sophia. Every time you want her to make the right choice she makes the wrong one — at least in the beginning. She does grow a bit during the series. Perhaps that's why the song is hard for her, because it also reminds her of a time when she was a lot more reckless.

Then comes the chorus:

I'll come crashin'
I'll come crashin'
I'll come crashin'
Down in the ash of a fire that I built

Again, a lot of Sophia's struggles are of her own design, which makes it all the more frustrating when she refuses to acknowledge that during parts of the show.

Then comes this verse:

Mama always told me I should have certain plan
Daddy always told me how to be a straight up guy
Always tell the truth and never have a thing to hide
But I'm gonna shoot the moon and watch it fall from the sky

Given Sophia's own parental situation these lyrics are also extremely fitting (minus the mom one, maybe, who is just as wild as her daughter). What I like about this verse though is the positive line it ends on. Sophia is shooting for the moon, and maybe it will fall at times, but she's going for it. That's what makes her such an interesting protagonist to watch and such a total girlboss IRL.