‘The Incredibles 2’ Trailer Gives Elastigirl The Spotlight That She Has Always Deserved

Disney-Pixar / YouTube

The Incredibles 2 will be released year, after a wait that feels like forever. And, late on February 14, fans finally got a longer look at the film — and this Incredibles 2 trailer is all about Elastigirl. Yes, it's happening, the rumors are true. The Incredibles 2 is about a superhero and supermom saving the world, and it's basically already perfect.

In this "sneak peek" at The Incredibles 2, fans see the Parrs going through all the basics of life: Dinner at home, saving the world together, and trying to keep things at the house as normal as possible. When a mysterious benefactor decides to bankroll the return of superheroes to the limelight, though, it becomes Helen "Elastigirl" Parr's time to shine. As the former stay-at-home mom zips away on her bike, Bob "Mr. Incredible" Parr is tasked with keeping the family together. "I have to succeed," he explains to pal Frozone, "So she can succeed." And then Baby Jack-Jack teleports himself from the living room to the kitchen.

Can the dad figure out how to stay at home, deal with a terrifying toddler, help his son with math, and parent a teenager? Will he accept a quiet life at home while his wife rocks the world as Elastigirl? These are the things The Incredibles 2 will explore.

The trailer has everything fans loved about the first one, plus more. There's the family togetherness that defines the Parrs, of course, and there's definitely Edna Mode. However, it appears that this film will provide even more insight than its predecessor. After all, The Incredibles is legendary for its ability to showcase vulnerabilities. Real, human vulnerabilities, especially in characters that often seem so impenetrable. Having a muscular man whose superhero name is literally "Mr. Incredible" express his fear of weakness to a loving, supportive wife? That was a big deal in children's media.

And now, in Incredibles 2, it's time for Elastigirl's story. It's so inspiring to have an animated film about a complex, female superhero, because proves to the next generation can be so many things: a kick-butt action star, and a gentle, understanding person, and a great parent, and a hero to your family and your city, and an imperfect person who struggles with strength, weakness, and personal flaws.

This particular trailer doesn't offer much from her point of view, but fans can gather plenty of information about her character's trajectory just from watching her family. While Elastigirl's career is taking off once more, The Super Formerly Known As Mr. Incredible must contend with his new life as a stay-at-home dad. As he grapples with his ability to serve as the primary Parr parent, Elastigirl is out and about, riding her bike and gaining the adoration of the city. This seemingly unlocks a new set of challenges for the Parrs, but, as fans saw in The Incredibles, though, they seem well-equipped to handle them.

There are a few more questions the trailer for Incredibles 2 seems to ask: Is this wealthy, super-obsessed entrepreneur as rad as he seems? Does literally anyone understand Jack-Jack's powers? Not to mention, this is Elastigirl's first full-time superhero work by herself. How will this affect her? What will the pep talk she receives in her time of need look like? Should this entire movie just be renamed Elastigirl is incredible? And will we see her and Violet teaming up on the streets in an awesome display of female superhero dominance?

Unless Disney decides to drop another sneak peek before too long, this might be the last new glimpse of Incredibles 2 before the film flies into theaters on June 15. Which means let the speculation begin.