EEEEEATSCON Food & Drink Festival Is Back In The Fall — Here's Everything You Need To Try

by Shannon Stubbs
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Courtesy of The Infatuation

It’s officially that time of year again: food and drink festival EEEEEATSCON is back for 2019 and it’s even better. After the success of last year’s debut in New York, the festival has returned and is now being held for two days, expanding from the one-day event that completely sold out in 2018. The Infatuation, aka the creator of worldwide food guides and everyone’s favorite food porn IG account, are the hosts of the festival and they’ve brought the best of the best this year. Bringing restaurants not only from New York but around the country, the lineup so far includes over 20 restaurants (with even more to be announced soon), featuring everything savory and sweet.

In addition to the slew of food spots to choose from, the festival will also have other forms of entertainment such as speakers, panel discussions, and musical performances. One is their most popular event, called The Wine Room, where notable people in the world of wine hold a panel discussing anything and everything wine-related. Long story short, there’ll always be something to do at this year’s event.

If all of this has you intrigued, EEEEEATSCON tickets are on sale now for $30 (but you can get $15 off if you're an American Express card member until July 26). The festival will be held on October 5 and 6 at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens. That’s a while to wait to try all that delicious food, so here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the picks at EEEEEATSCON this year.


Cuban Sandwiches From Sanguich De Miami

Courtesy of The Infatuation

You can have a taste of Miami right in New York with these mouth-watering Cuban sandwiches from Sanguich De Miami. This shop’s specialties are all piled high with slow cooked meat, cheese, and veggies to fulfill all of your savory cravings. I mean, there’s really nothing like a warm, gooey sandwich to make your day. Everything on the menu is also under $15, so you can get everything you want without breaking the bank. Try the croquettas or plantain fries if you want to have the full Miami experience.


Lobster Rolls From Bite Into Maine

Courtesy of The Infatuation

If you know lobster rolls, you know that Maine is the place they do them best. They’re Bite Into Maine’s signature, and they're bringing them over to the Big Apple for the two-day fest. Not to mention their other dishes (including a lobster mac ‘n cheese grilled cheese and a lobster BLT) sound equally as delicious. If lobster isn't your favorite, the restaurant also has other options, such as chowders and other sandwiches.


Ice Cream From Besfren

Courtesy of The Infatuation

Even if you’ve never heard of or even stepped foot into Besfren, there’s a good chance you’ve seen their colorful ice cream cones on your Instagram feed. The cafe’s famous purple and green swirl soft serve is matcha and taro flavored, so it tastes just as good as it looks. It’s a win-win situation!


Noodles From Di An Di

Courtesy of The Infatuation

Di An Di is a Vietnamese hotspot in Brooklyn known for their tasty pho and other noodle dishes. Most of them have beef as the star of the dish, but they also have chicken and meat-free options. If you’re in the mood for something hot and spicy, definitely hit up this one at the festival. Di An Di also offers small plates and snacks, such as their Vietnamese "pizzas" that are made with crispy rice paper and various toppings.


Pizza From Mama’s Too

Courtesy of The Infatuation

Mama’s Too is a New York pizza staple, and they’ve gained notoriety in the city for their crispy, cheesy slices. They pride themselves on making everything fresh in-house, including their trademark fermented dough. They’ve got a lot of options: you can get the famous pepperoni pie if you want something more classic, or consider trying the funghi pizza with aged mozzarella and sauteed mushrooms if you want to think outside the box. Truly something for everyone!


Snacks From Crown Shy

Courtesy of The Infatuation

If you want to expand your palate this year, Crown Shy is a great option with dishes that are inspired by places around the world. From Middle Eastern to European influenced cuisine, the restaurant offers a diverse menu for you to pick and choose from. These cheesy gruyere fritters are just one of the fan favorite options.


Smoked Meat From Revenge BBQ

Courtesy of The Infatuation

For meat-lovers, summer means one thing: a good barbecue. Look no further than Revenge BBQ, which serves up Texas-style smoked meat to fulfill all of your BBQ cravings. They have everything from ribs and pork to turkey and chicken (along with some tasty sides) to fill up your plate.

This is just a sample of all the mouthwatering food you could get to taste at this year’s EEEEEATSCON. If you want even more, tickets are available now.

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