The One iPhone App You Need, Based On Your Enneagram Type

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Personality tests can reveal your hidden strengths, highlight your weaknesses, and they can even help you learn how to organize your life. If you're into the enneagram, the one iPhone app you need based on your enneagram type can put the power of the enneagram in the palm of your hand. If you're not in the know about the enneagram, this personality test classifies everyone as one of nine types, and your type will never change over the course of your life. "Everyone emerges from childhood with one of the nine types dominating their personality, with inborn temperament and other pre-natal factors being the main determinants of our type," The Enneagram Institute explained on its website.

"This is one area where most all of the major enneagram authors agree — we are born with a dominant type. Subsequently, this inborn orientation largely determines the ways in which we learn to adapt to our early childhood environment." You can either be a reformer, helper, achiever, individualist, investigator, loyalist, enthusiast, challenger, or peacemaker (if you're not sure, you can take an Enneagram test online). However, according to The Enneagram Institute, "Not everything in the description of your basic type will apply to you all the time because you fluctuate constantly among the healthy, average, and unhealthy traits that make up your personality type." If you want to maximize your personal strengths and minimize your weaknesses, this is the one iPhone app you need based on your enneagram type.


Reformers Turn To Trello

If you're an Enneagram type one, also known as the reformer, an app that supports your need for perfectionism is a perfect complement to your type-A personality. Enter Trello, an app that's basically Pinterest for perfectionists who always need to feel super productive and organized. You can collaborate with others, create lists, boards, and more so everything in your life is always in synch.


Helpers Are Yelpers

Enneagram type two people, the helpers, like to — you guessed it — be helpful. If you're a helper, you tend to be a generous, demonstrative people pleaser, which means you're always going to be ready with a recommendation or an answer to any burning question. If you are helper without Yelp on your phone, this is a must download to instantly up your helping game and ensure you always have all of the answers.


Achievers Need Fantastical 2

For Enneagram type three people, who are known as achievers, an app that helps you get even more done is key for you to continue to dominate like a boss. Fantastical 2 is an app designed to keep achievers uber-organized. This is basically the mother of all calendar apps, which will help achievers achieve even more.


Individualists Crave Coffitivity

If you're an Enneagram type four, which is the individualist, you're a sensitive creative soul who sometimes needs a little help to get those good ideas flowing. A lot of creatives like to work and create in public spaces. But, if you can't afford to spend every day in a coffee shop, then the app Coffitivity can bring the coffee shop to you. This ambient-noise app recreates the sounds of a bustling cafe so you get that jazzy coffee-shop vibe no matter where you are.


Investigators Can't Live Without Curiosity

Are you an Enneagram type five? If you're an investigator, you need to know everything about everything, and you need to know it right freakin' now. For the curious investigator, Curiosity is a must-have app. Read articles, watch videos, search for what you want to know, and personalize your feed. With millions of topics, Curiosity will never fail to satisfy your inquisitive mind.


Loyalists Love Nextdoor

For Enneagram type six, the loyalist, an app that lets you know what's going on around you can ease your suspicious mind. Loyalists tend to be anxious, responsible, and security oriented. The Nextdoor app is a basic requirement for any loyalist. This app keeps you in the know about what's going on in your neighborhood. You can also engage with your neighbors, get or give advice, and learn about events and goings on in your hood so you're never caught off guard.


Calm Is Essential For Enthusiasts

For Enneagram type seven people, the enthusiast, an app that quiets the jumbled brain is beneficial for helping this type keep a clear head. Busy, spontaneous, and scattered, if you're an enthusiast you might forget that it's also important to slow down and focus your thoughts. The Calm meditation app can reduce anxiety, help you sleep better, and promote overall happiness so you can keep being enthusiastic about life.


Challengers Choose Hater

If you're an Enneagram type eight, also known as the challenger, your willful, dominating personality can often put you at odds with others, especially when it comes to dating. Challengers, you can make your romantic lives a whole lot easier by using the app Hater to connect to potential romantic partners who hate the same things as you do. This way there's one less thing you need to argue about.


Peacemakers Prefer Happier

For people who are an Enneagram type nine, the peacemaker, an app that promotes practices for peace, love, and happiness is a must have. With so much negativity in the world, if you're a peacemaker, it can be difficult for you to maintain that sunny disposition, which is where the Happier app can help. This app acts like a digital coach to help you stay happy, present, and positive throughout the day so you don't get bogged down in the dark and twisty energy of the haters.

If you want to get started, take the Enneagram test to discover and explore your type. Then, download your companion app so you can maximize your strengths and highlight the best parts of your Enneagram type, which can make your life a whole lot easier.