'Jane The Virgin' Revealed The Narrator's Identity In The Most Satisfying Way

Kevin Estrada/The CW

Spoilers ahead for Jane The Virgin Season 5. Knowing the right way to end a show can be difficult, however, the Jane the Virgin series finale managed to accomplish the task with ease. Not only did it give fans some classic heartfelt moments, but it also tied up all of the show's loose ends. This included finally revealing the identity of the Jane the Virgin narrator. Ever since the series premiere, viewers have wondered and theorized about who that mysterious voice belonged to. He seemed to know everything about Jane's life, yet his voice didn't sound like any of the characters that had been introduced throughout the seasons. But now, during the final chapter of this journey, fans can put a face to this person at long last and it confirms a longstanding fan theory.

During Jane and Rafael's wedding, Anna, Elsa, and Mateo were asked to read an excerpt from a children's book, titled Love Is You and Me. When it came time for it to be Mateo's turn, he took his great-grandmother's advice and projected his voice out as loud as he could. Needless to say he successfully accomplished the task because there's no way any of the guests didn't hear his part of the reading. Jane commented that Mateo had used his big boy voice, to which he responded, saying it was all thanks to his great-grandmother (or glam-mother, as he hilariously calls her). "“She said I would be great at voiceover work," he explained. That's when the narrator chimed in using a slightly altered voice, adding: “And for the record, I am.”

Kevin Estrada/The CW

Yes, that's right, folks — Mateo was the narrator on Jane the Virgin after all. Many thought it would end up being him, given how intricately he knew the characters and their storylines on a very personal level. Not to mention, the series appeared to provide a big clue that these two characters were one in the same earlier in the season. "Chapter 91" focused on Mateo's diagnosis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which directly paralleled how the narrator himself kept getting easily distracted throughout the storytelling process. Some may have passed it off as just a coincidence or a red herring to throw us off the scent of who the narrator really was, but now the truth is officially out there and this episode had foreshadowed the reveal all along.

Kevin Estrada/The CW

The reveal was only a very small part of the scene (seriously, if you got up to get a drink or snack from the fridge you may have missed it completely!), but it was ultimately the perfect way to bring this mystery to a close. Jane also mentioned at the very end of the episode that the new ending for her book was turning the story into a telenovela. Little did she know that her idea would result in a fantastic job opportunity for her son years down the road.

There have been some disappointing series finale to come out of the woodwork this year (looking at you, Game of Thrones!), but Jane the Virgin isn't one of them.