Netflix's Jeffrey Epstein Documentary Has Its First Trailer

Trigger warning: This article contains references to sexual assault and harassment, as do many of its outbound links. Jeffrey Epstein's name is one shrouded in infamy. His money, connections, and alleged crimes were all brought to light in recent years, but his sudden death left the world with countless questions. In Netflix's new documentary, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, filmmaker Lisa Bryant will attempt to answer some of those questions, and, as we can learn from the show's trailer, she will also give a voice to those who came forward with allegations against him.

The four-part series will be available to stream on Netflix and Netflix UK from May 27. From what we can see in the new trailer, it appears that we are can expect a no-holds-barred account of the Epstein case, meaning it will include references to the powerful individuals he was allegedly involved with. It will also spotlight earlier cases against the tycoon which were, shockingly, quashed. One individual in the trailer describes the Epstein affair as "one of the worst failures of the criminal justice system."

Filthy Rich will also analyse Epstein's death. The financier and convicted sex offender died the Metropolitan Correctional Center, located in downtown New York City, on August 10, 2019. The official report states that Epstein committed suicide, but many questions remain about what exactly happened.

Although Epstein is now deceased, survivors of his alleged abuse are still seeking justice. This includes Virginia Giuffre, who, per the Independent, claims that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, on three separate occasions – allegations which he has categorically denied.

Filthy Rich will address these allegations and many more and is a must see for those interested in topics including the abuse of power and weaknesses within the justice system.