A Guide To The Music In 'Julie's Greenroom'

Ali Goldstein/Netflix

Julie Andrews was a staple of many children's lives as Mary Poppins and Maria von Trapp, so it's only right that she should return with a TV show made for children. And, of course, this series features plenty of music as the soundtrack of Julie's Greenroom proves. The show about creating a musical embraces so many art forms and though it's for preschoolers, people of any age will love seeing Miss Julie, her assistant Gus (Giullian Yao Gioiello), and her puppet friends (affectionately known as the Greenies) sing their way through the first season.

By now you've probably heard about the awesome guest stars of Julie's Greenroom and nearly every single one of them contributes to the show by not only teaching the students at Miss Julie's school a lesson about the arts, but by singing too. You'll most certainly want to hear these stars sing alongside Andrews, Gioiello (who does most of the singing in the show since Andrews lost her soprano singing voice after a botched surgery in 1997), and the puppeteers who voice the Greenies. While you can hear them all by watching the 13-episode Season 1, which premiered on March 17, I unfortunately couldn't find any information from Netflix about whether or not they will release an official soundtrack for Julie's Greenroom. I did, however, go through every episode and create a guide to all of the major songs to help you know what to look out for while you're watching.

While I will continue to hold out hope that Netflix will release the Julie's Greenroom soundtrack on iTunes, Amazon, or some other music streaming platform later, here are the songs you'll want to listen for as you enjoy Andrews' new series.

"Mash-Up Song"

Ali Goldstein/Netflix

The theme song for the show is actually created by the Greenies, Gus, and guest star Sara Bareilles in Episode 6 as the finale for the musical the kids are writing. You can watch Bareilles perform the full "Mash-Up Song" over on E!, but Gioiello also kicks off each episode with a shorter version of it.

"I Know That You'll Get There Somehow"


Frozen's very own Elsa, Idina Menzel, stops by in the first episode and sings to the Greenies that they don't need all the fancy stuff that they use on Broadway in musicals like Wicked (which Menzel starred in) to make their own musical.

"Let Your Voice Be Heard"


Gus helps inspire Greenie Spike to write his own story for their musical in Episode 2 and then, guest star — writer, actor, and singer — Chris Colfer keeps the encouragement coming.

"Voice Song"


Who better to teach the Greenies about singing than Josh Groban? When Greenie Fizz is worried she ruined Miss Julie's birthday, Groban helps her realize she can sing about her big feelings in Episode 3.

"When You Act"


Guest star Alec Baldwin and Andrews sing a charming song about how you can be anything when you act — even each other — in Episode 4. The fast lyrics will bring you back to Andrews in Mary Poppins.

"We're Singing A Song"


Along with singing "Star Sweeper" — a song she wrote when she was young — and "Mash-Up Song," Sara Bareilles gives the Greenies tips on how to write songs in Episode 6.

"Yes And..."


Ellie Kemper stops by in Episode 7 to teach the Greenies about improv and Gus and her explain how it's so important to keep the story going by saying, "Yes and..."

"You Gotta Bring The Wow"


Anyone who has seen Elmo's World will be familiar with clown Bill Irwin, who helps out on this song about the circus and performing in Episode 9.

"Someone Else's Shoes"


If Kemper appearing didn't fill your Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt-loving heart, Tituss Burgess showing up for costume day in Episode 11 surely will. He brings his patented level of flair by encouraging the Greenies to dress up.

"Take A Leap"


David Hyde Pierce comes to direct the Greenies' dress rehearsal for their musical in Episode 12 and sings a song with Andrews while he's at it.

"Anything Can Happen"


Miss Julie and Gus sing this song in the first episode, but they bring it back for the season finale with a little help from comedy legend Carol Burnett.

There are plenty of more musical moments where these came from in Season 1 of Julie's Greenroom, but these are the songs that will have you singing along no matter what your age is.