All The ‘Kim Possible’ Cartoon References You Missed In The Live-Action Movie

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Here’s the sitch, Kim Possible fans: the live action movie arrived on the Disney Channel on Feb. 15, bringing back the beloved red-headed heroine and her goofy sidekick, Ron Stoppable. In this version, Kim (Sadie Stanley) and Ron (Sean Giambrone) have to balance high school woes with saving the world, much like the original cartoon. But the movie does change the story up a bit, introducing new characters and changing key parts of the story, like how Ron gets Rufus. Yet despite feeling so different from the original, the Kim Possible movie includes tons of references to the original series, enough to please anyone who grew up watching the show.

Those Easter eggs include a perfect recreation of the characters’ favorite Mexican fast-food place, Bueno Nacho, and, of course, the return of the theme song. Plus, a few of the original voice actors make cameos, including Christy Carlson Romano, who played the original Kim. And there are tons of callbacks to memorable episodes and recurring gags from the show.

But, given how it’s been over a decade since the show ended, there are some nods that can be easily missed unless you were a Kim P. superfan. To help keep track of all the references, here’s a list of all the Kim Possible series throwbacks in the live-action movie. Spoilers ahead.


The Villains Are Back

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This movie focuses on Dr. Drakken (12 Monkeys ' Todd Stashwick) and Shego (newcomer Taylor Ortega). But it also brings back Professor Dementor, played by Patton Oswalt, who was the original voice actor.


Bueno Nacho Is Still Ron's #1 Spot

Not only does the movie feature an exact replica of Ron's favorite Mexican place, but his favorite order remains the same: the naco.


Kim's Family Members Return

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In the show, Kim's family is often a large part each episode, and in the movie, they're all back. This includes her mom Ann, played by Alyson Hannigan. And besides her genius parents and her "tweeb" twin brothers Jim and Tim, her Nana (Connie Ray, also makes an appearance.


Barkin Is Still Substituting Every Class

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In the show, there's a running gag where Mr. Barkin ends up as the substitute teacher for every subject. In the movie, Barkin makes his return and gives Kim and Ron a hard time for being late to his classes.


Christy Carlson Romano Returns

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Romano voiced Kim in the cartoon, so it makes sense that she'd have a role in the movie. And she actually plays a role that is very similar to one from the show, too. Carlson is pop star Poppy Blu, who returns the favor to Kim for helping her by letting her ride her limo to missions. She's a throwback to Britina, who was based on Britney Spears.


Bonnie Is Still Kim's Nemesis

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Kim Possible has tons of arch nemeses. But none of them are quite as mean as Bonnie, the queen bee at school who makes her life impossible. This Bonnie (Erika Tham) doesn't really resemble her cartoon version, but fits a modern take on what the popular girl would look like.



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Live-action Ron doesn't say it much, but it remains his catchphrase.


Wade Still Helps Out Kim With Her Missions

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Nothing's impossible for Kim Possible, but that's mostly thanks to Wade, the 10-year-old genius who helps her out with missions. In the live-action version, he's played by newcomer Issac Ryan Brown.


Rufus Is Back—With A Brand-New Backstory

Is it really a Kim Possible movie without Rufus? Though he doesn't appear until midway through, he gets a new backstory that shows how he and Ron form an instant bond on a mission. And the best part is he's voiced by his original voice actor, Nancy Cartwright.


The Possible Women Save The World

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In the show, both Kim's mom Ann and Nana are shown to share Kim's crime-fighting abilities. And the movie nods to this, having them all join forces to fight Dr. Drakken and Shego.


"Call Me, Beep Me" Is Still The Theme Song

Yes, nobody really calls or uses beepers anymore. But the song, no matter how dated the lyrics are, is still used in the movie. But this time, it's sung by its star Sadie Stanley, rather than Christina Millian.

Watching this live-action movie will make you feel so nostalgic, and maybe even remind you of some of your favorite, forgotten Kim Possible memories.