The Kind Of Advice You Give Best, Based On Your Sign

We all have those people in our lives who are really, really good at giving a certain kind of advice. They're the first people we call when life gets tricky. What's the kind of advice you give best, based on your sign? Let's go through the zodiac and figure it out.

You probably already have an idea of who fills these roles in your life. Your bestie is there when you need someone to have your back and agree with you, no matter what. Your mom is all about tough love and reminding you that the person you're dating is a loser. You just adore your grandpa, because he wants you to be financially stable and gives you the best advice on how to save money and where to invest. And your sister? Well, she sucks with advice, but she's always got plenty of wine on hand and loves stalking people on social media. That's got to count for something.

We all have our strengths in life, but how do our zodiac signs influence the kind of advice we give? Who should you go to with relationship troubles or work struggles? Let's break it down, one sign at a time.



Aries can't lie, making them excellent at giving relationship advice. Need a truthful opinion about the fight you and your boo just had? Want some tough love after you did something to hurt your SO's feelings and you still can't get up the nerve to apologize? Aries will give you that push you need.



Taurus is logical and incredibly helpful when you're in the middle of a crisis. If you're experiencing drama at work and need some job advice, grab a Taurus and ask for their two cents. They can put emotions aside and look at the facts, and this is important when it comes to your paycheck.



If anyone knows how to have a good time, it's Gemini. They get bored easily, so they're always working to keep things interesting. When you're planning an upcoming trip, Gemini will undoubtedly have awesome travel advice, so it'll be a vacation you'll never forget.



"Go with your gut," they say, but what if your gut isn't telling you anything? Cancer can help. They have a strong sixth sense, and they can offer advice about most things even when you don't have the slightest clue what you should do.



The lion is fierce and strong, proud and independent. There's one specific scenario where their advice really shines through: after a break-up. Need help healing and finding the strength to move on? Find a Leo you trust and listen up.



Don't you just love how practical Virgo is? They're really good in situations revolving around money. If you're having financial problems, Virgo will look at the whole thing from a logical standpoint and give you helpful advice.



Nobody has an eye for detail like Libra. They know what looks good and can take anything ordinary and turn it into a masterpiece. Libra is the perfect buddy to invite over when you're trying to redecorate your home or office and need help with the aesthetics.



Scorpio thrives off of being independent and self-sufficient. If you're moving out onto your own for the first time and need guidance, find a Scorpio. They'll help you get through the transition and teach you what you need to know not just to survive, but to thrive.



Nobody is braver than Sagittarius. If you've been itching to ask for a raise at work but your nerves are getting the best of you, Sagittarius can help you come up with a game plan and figure out exactly what you need to say.



Nobody is more disciplined than Capricorn. That must be why they're so good at giving advice about self-care. If you're trying to find the motivation to start a new routine, quit smoking, or save money, Capricorn can help.



There's a reason you love having an Aquarius around when life is feeling out of control: they're totally calm and level-headed. If you're dealing with anything high-anxiety — relationships dramz, work problems, family issues — and need someone to help you chill out, Aquarius is the one.



Nobody knows how to push your buttons like your family. Keeping calm with them is a serious challenge. If your anger is building because your mom won't get off your case or your brother is annoying you, seek advice from a Pisces. They're pros at managing flaring tempers.