The Kindest Dog Breeds To Adopt If You Want A Total Cuddle Buddy

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Dogs are known for being wonderful companions. Anyone who has a dog knows that they quickly become more like family than simply a pet, and that's because these animals are so loving, comforting, and sweet that it's impossible not to feel your heart explode with love for them. When you and your doggo form a special bond, they're sure to shower you with affection every time they're around you, which is something that can be said for pretty much any breed. Of course, though, there are differences between types of dogs, and some are naturally sweeter than others. The kindest dog breeds out there are the puppers who will show affection to just about anyone, all the time.

If you're looking for a dog who is especially cuddly and loving, you might want to consider one of the below breeds first. Of course, a dog's home and the way they are brought up play a huge part in their attitude toward humans, but some breeds are just naturally inclined to be kinder than others. Maybe you want a dog that will be good with kids, a dog that will happily welcome all strangers into your home, and one who will snuggle with you for hours on end. If that's the case, the below dogs are ideal. They are generally known to be happy and affectionate, with very warm personalities that are hard to turn off. Getting any one of these dogs ensures you'll have a little buddy you'll totally fall in love with.



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Beagles are known for being friendly, calm, and happy, and they're loved even by those who claim they aren't dog people. They love to be around other dogs as well, so they're a great choice if you have more than one pupper. They are super social and form strong bonds with kids. They are full of energy and love to play, and they are also extremely curious. They can be a handful, but they're worth it!


Golden Retriever

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When you think of the perfect family dog, you probably think of a golden retriever. These little guys are obedient and playful, as well as happy, kind, and loving. They are reliable and they absolutely love to be with people. It's hard to find a dog sweeter than these!


Australian Shepherds

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Aussies can have different personalites. Some are more outgoing and super friendly, while others are a little more on the shy side. Still, they are all loyal, loving, smart, and extremely affectionate. In fact, according to Pet Wave, "Aussies are at their best when they are engaged in interaction with a person."



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Pugs are a little bit more serious than some other breeds on this list, but that doesn't mean they aren't sweethearts. They love to please their humans and they're very laid-back. They get along really well with other dogs and children, and they can be very affectionate, making them great companion dogs.


Yorkshire Terriers

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There's a reason people can carry Yorkies around everywhere they go, and it isn't just because of their tiny size. Yorkies are friendly, kind, and sweet, with an energetic personality that demands a lot of attention. They are great for anyone who wants a dog that wants to be by their side 24/7. Yorkies can be a little snappy sometimes, but in general, they're super loving and sweet.


Irish Wolfhound

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Don't let their large size fool you: Irish Wolfhounds are considered gentle giants who are super kind and loving. They are also very playful and easygoing, making them great with other dogs and kids. Irish Wolfhounds are friendly and love to be petted, and they don't mind being around strangers — they have an outgoing personality. The only thing to know about them is that they require a lot of exercise and activity, so you might not want to get one unless you have a large backyard.


Labrador Retrievers

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Labs are considered America's favorite dog for a reason. They are endlessly friendly and companionable, and they love to socialize. They get along with other dogs and all humans, and they have an easygoing personality that makes them fun to be around. Of course, labs have a ton of energy, but their loving and affectionate personality makes it totally worth it.


Springer Spaniel

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English springer spaniels are super friendly and love to be around people. They're really smart and easy to train, and they are extremely curious. These dogs love other dogs and love most people. They are so friendly and kind that you'll love to be around them! Just make sure they're kept busy, as they can be destructive when bored.



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Again, don't let the large size fool you! Greyhounds are quiet, sweet dogs who are also quite calm and graceful — still, they love to snuggle with their humans. Greyhounds are so kind and sensitive, and they are really ideal for soft-spoken, reserved people. They don't really like loud noises or a lot of chaos. While Greyhounds can be a little reserved around strangers, they are always sweet, and they are almost never aggressive.



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Lassie was a Collie for a reason — these dogs are incredibly loving, sweet, and friendly. They get along with anyone, whether it's another animal, dog, or a human they don't know. They are great for families because they're great with little kids. They're super friendly, outgoing, and social, and they are also really smart. They're great to have around.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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Staffordshire Bull Terriers can look a little intimidating, and even their name can sound a bit scary. But don't be fooled — they are energetic, fun, social, and loving. They crave companionship and they always want to be around people, especially their owners. While this breed can be a great watchdog, they are also super friendly and sweet.