Everything You Need To Know About The Cast Of 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club'


MTV may have been at the forefront at some of reality television's biggest trends, but the network's latest show actually follows in the footsteps of reality hits of the past decade such as Bravo's Vanderpump Rules and Below Deck that show how working environments lead to major drama. With a dash of celebrity presence courtesy of LiLo herself, the cast of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club is sure to fit in perfectly with MTV's legacy of hip and attractive people getting very angry at each other, with plenty of drinks on hand for throwing in other people's faces.

The die-hard reality television fans of America will be able to consume Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club when it premieres on Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET, but people who want to hear about any given week's drama from every possible angle will be doing themselves a favor by keeping track of the show's cast on Instagram and social media — and what a cast it is. In addition to Lohan and her business partner Panos Spentzos, viewers will be introduced to nine employees of Lohan Beach Club who have been pulled from cities all over America and given the chance to work at one of the hottest new clubs in Mykonos. Here's just a sampling of what the cast will be bringing to the Beach Club in the show's inaugural season.

Aristotle Polites

Aristotle Polites may not be the father of Western philosophy like that slightly more famous Aristotle, but he's got a philosophy of his own — a philosophy which seems to prioritize taking pictures of one's own abs for the purpose of sharing on social media. If anyone on Beach Club is going to make the decision to go shirtless at work, expect Aristotle to lead the pack.

Billy Estevez

While everyone on Beach Club is in excellent shape and has model-good looks, Billy Estevez seems to be one of the only people interested in documenting how he keeps in shape. There are multiple posts of Estevez working out, sometimes on his own and sometimes with others, but always with intent and what appears to be a sense of pride.

Brent Marks

Most of the cast of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club has been posting their lives to Instagram and using the social media platform to promote the arrival of the show - except for Brent Marks. Brent Marks' Instagram is private, as of January 2nd, so you have to request to follow him. However, his profile states that he's a proud VIP host of Wynn Nightlife in Las Vegas, and provides a link to his Cameo page, where it costs only $20 to hear from Marks.

Gabi Andrews

Gabi Andrews is currently pursuing a career in medicine —specifically Environmental DNA Research, according to her Instagram profile — but when she isn't trying to change the future of DNA, she's an accomplished model and will be seen catering to some of Mykonos' tourists during her time on Lohan's Beach Club.

Jonitta Wallace

Los Angeles-based Jonitta Wallace seemed to acclimate well to Mykonos, and during her time filming Lohan Beach Club formed a habit of posing in front of large bodies of water while "dreaming about American food."

She's also appeared in music videos, including the video for the YG and A$AP Rocky collaboration "Handgun."

Jules Wilson

Jules Wilson is one of Beach Club's sole midwestern representatives, hailing from Boulder, Colorado, and it seems she approached Mykonos with a deep sense of fun judging from the multiple IG posts showing Wilson having fun and goofing around with her fellow club employees. If there's drama on Beach Club, it seems doubtful that Wilson is at the center of it.

May Yassine

May Yassine, who comes to the Beach Club from New York City, and like her fellow employees seemed to take very quickly to Mykonos. However, if there's one thing that Yassine likes more than Mykonos - it may be Christmas, as she spent the tail-end of 2018 posting a variety of festive images in celebration of the Holiday season.

Mike Mulderrig

Mike Mulderrig is a self-proclaimed "Excommunicated Jersey Boy" and "confused fitness individual" who has already amassed an impressive following on Youtube before making his television debut on Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. Mulderrig's channel, MikeMGTV, is filled with videos ranging from life advice to warnings against Fireball Whiskey that go out to to over 60,000 subscribers.

Sara Tariq

Sara Tariq may be living the dream as an employee of Lindsay Lohan's Beach House, but she's already succeeding at her main grind. According to her IG bio and LinkedIn page, Tariq has been a writer and producer for DJ Magazine, Vibe Media, and Complex. Working at Lohan's Beach House is a nice excuse to stay in Mykonos for a while, but Tariq's star as a writer seems to already be on the rise.

The collection of personalities on Lindsay Lohan's Beach House are bound to provide entertainment, and perhaps some drama. While it's not necessary to dig through each cast member's Instagram page before the show premieres, the knowledge that can be gleaned from these cast member's social media could help viewers predict how its cast will react under different circumstances and bring even more fun to the experience of watching the show.