Meet The Cast Of Lindsay Lohan’s Reality Show In The Brand-New Trailer For The Series

A legend is about to be born. And that legend would be Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming reality series. (Why yes, that was a Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen reference. You are so very welcome.) On Thursday, Dec. 13, MTV released a new trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, the docuseries about one of the three clubs Lilo has opened in Greece. And wow, is there quite a bit of magic going on in this preview. There are throwback paparazzi photos. There are clips of Lilo hanging out on and next to the azure waters of the Aegean Sea. There is — hey, do you remember when Lilo basically reinvented dance with Do The Lilo? Well, The Lilo is part of the trailer.

Oh, and we are not done recapping the video. *Takes deep breath.* There is Lilo posing on a rattan chair. There is a slow-motion shot of people dancing on a thatched roof cabana. There is Lilo telling us they "came here to work." There is Panos Spentzos, Lilo’s “left-hand man,” telling us about the employees hooking up and drinking, calling it “a recipe for disaster.” There is an employee telling us she is “terrified.” And there is "Bossy,” Lilo’s single from 2008.

Wait just a second. Is "Bossy" the show's theme song? Or is Ali Lohan still doing the theme song, like Dina Lohan told Us Weekly back in July? Is "Bossy" going to have a moment in 2019? Is Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club going to propel "Bossy" to No. 1 over a decade after it was released? Oh, say it is so.

In a June 2018 profile of Lohan, the New York Times revealed the actor had a “Vanderpump Rules-style reality show for MTV centered around the club” in the works. The following month, the network released a sneak peek at the series. And now the show is here. Er, it is almost here: Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club will premiere on January 8.

What a ride, and that is just a trailer.

Set in Mykonos at Lohan Beach House, the series has a satiny, dreamlike feel that may remind you of MTV reality shows The Hills and Laguna Beach. Key. However, Lilo's role on this show is more Lisa Vanderpump than Lauren Conrad; she is the most of the cast's boss, not their peer. The trailer introduces us to Lilo’s business partner Panos, as well as her staff, who, according to the press release, “come from the hottest clubs around the U.S.”

The Lohan Beach House hosts featured in Lindsay Lohan's Beach House are Brent Marks of Las Vegas, Gabi Andrews of Washington D.C., Jules Wilson of Denver, and May Yassine of New York City. And let us not forget the cast members who hail from the City of Angels. From L.A. we have Aristotle Polites, Billy Estevez, Jonitta Wallace, Mike Mulderrig, and Sara Tariq. Study these names like you’d study Janis and Damien’s map of North Shore High School’s cafeteria.


And get to studying, like, now. We’ve got less than a month to go before Lilo’s doing The Lilo, running a beach club, and strutting around in the gauziest of maxi dresses on our TV sets.