All Hail The Little Girl From The BBC Dad Video

All hail four-year-old Marion, the daughter of the so-called "BBC Dad" (aka Professor Robert Kelly), whose family went viral after his children interrupted his live Skype interview with the BBC last week. In a now iconic move, Marion busted through her father's office door while he was talking to the BBC's James Menendez about the implications of the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye, and proceeded to goof around in what her father would later describe as a "hippity hoppity mood". Her eight-month-old brother James soon followed suit in a walker, prompting their mother, Kim Jeong-ah, to execute an extremely impressive dive into the room and collect the children with superhuman speed.

Four days after the video became an international sensation, the family was welcomed back for another live interview with the BBC, where they explained the situation and how, after the initial panic, they learned to see the humor in it — and eventually accepted after its insanely viral impact on the internet that their family was now insta-famous. Today they spoke at Pusan National University in South Korea, where Kelly is a professor of political science. Despite his role there, it was all too clear who the real star of the show was: Marion herself, whose blasé attitude and too-cool-for-school lollipop has now branded her the coolest toddler on the internet. (Sorry, Blue Ivy and North West!)

I personally aspire to be her when I grow up, and evidently, the rest of the internet agrees. The adorable four-year-old has inspired a round of tweets so hilarious that you might forget for a second that we are smack dab in the middle of a work week and SEVERELY sleep-deprived after the Trump tax return drama Tuesday night.

She's A Fashion Icon

... But She's Not Taking Any Of Your Nonsense, Either

In Fact, She Transcends Your Labels

She's Taking On The World, One "Hippity Hoppity" At A Time

Her Nap Game Puts Corinne From The Bachelor To Shame

Basically, It's Marion's World, And We're All Living In It

On her time, of course.

Hats (and glasses) off to Marion, the human representation of a mic drop and the coolest four-year-old this internet has ever seen.