The One Little Thing That Is Most Likely To Get Under Your Skin, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Everyone has certain pet peeves that can make them grumpier. Some can't handle not being in control, while others balk at too much responsibility. Some people are sensitive to loud noises, while others stress out at the silence. As a species, the human race is programmed to have different things setting us off, perhaps so we can all stay balanced and help one another.

You've probably noticed you have your special reasons for getting moodier, but did you know some of those can be connected to the stars?

There are certain things that may be more likely to affect your mood based on your zodiac sign — and they're very easy to spot! For example, fire signs like Leos may often be mad when they don't get the appropriate amount of attention, while water signs like Cancers are hurt when they feel their feelings haven't been considered. Earth signs like Tauruses seek stability compared to most signs, and air signs like Libras do not want people all up in their business.

But it's still important to note that other things can affect your mood, like just not getting enough rest or food or anything else that can knock you off-kilter. Always make sure you're taking care of you, no matter which of the 12 signs you are!

For more specifics to your zodiac, though, read on to find out more.


When things don't go your way, admittedly you get a bit sulky — but it's mostly because you have strong opinions about how things should get done (and hey, you're usually right!). Try to relax a little and trust in the universe's plan for you, even if you don't think you're getting what you want at a given moment. Work hard and keep speaking up and the universe will deliver.


As a grounded, fixed earth sign, you can be mad when you lack a routine for dealing with new situations. A series of unexpected changes can really get you down at times because you don't know what's coming next. Your center of stability is often reliant on making sure you have done what you can to be consistent. Honor that as much as possible, because even if you feel haywire for a second, you'll always find your way back to normal!


Not being listened to, when you have so much to say, is always annoying for a sign that thrives on communication. Sometimes people are distracted, or not fully absorbing the impact of what you're trying to say. Just remember that it's not always your fault if your words aren't properly processed. Keep trying anyway, and the right people will understand you when it matters.


Making people mad can really put a damper on you. Even people being slightly upset with you can make you unable to concentrate on anything else. Remember that you can't help other people's emotions all the time, and that there's merit in letting them deal with their own anger. It is not always your problem, you kind and considerate soul.


Not being paid enough attention really gets to you. As a Leo, you know you have the natural ability to lead, which can make you seem bossy — but all of it is in service to the people around you, which is why it is especially frustrating when you feel dismissed. As long as you stay able to separate that occasional need for attention with your very real desire to help people, there's nothing wrong with wanting some limelight.


You're sensitive if someone accuses you of something that's untrue. Inaccuracy hurts, and you hate being misunderstood. Try remembering that there's nothing wrong with defending yourself, though — you're not going to seem argumentative if you keep levelheaded and calm, which is what a Virgo is good at if they put their mind to it.


If someone's being micro-managerial, you're going to be the most affected right away. You thrive off flowing with your own routine, and you don't want anybody disturbing that delicate mojo! Keep doing you and putting the bossies in their place (respectfully and at the appropriate moments, of course).


Jealousy is your biggest issue. You'll be worried on occasion that someone is breaking your trust, or stressed when anything threatens the careful balance of your life. Make sure to take deep breaths and consider the possibility that sometimes it's just a matter of projecting your fear on others — and if there is good reason for your jealousy, that you have the wherewithal to navigate whatever it is that needs solving.


Being bored really makes you anxious. You're so adventurous that you require more stimulation than the average person, so make sure there's a constant source of excitement in your life. Whether it be a job, or the same group of daredevil friends to go adventuring with you, you need something to quench that bored thirst!


Feeling unproductive or lazy will upset you. If you have one of those days where you can't bring yourself to do work for whatever reason, you best believe you're going to get super worked up about it. Just remember that sometimes, your worth isn't valued in what you bring to the external world — try finding things to do that reward you for simply existing. I know... wild, right?


Being lonely can make you feel sad. You're a very social creature that's ruled by the 11th house of friendships, so you need that sort of stimulation to thrive. Set a good foundation by investing in some good one-on-one friends, and this will help any bad mood you may have later on.


Not enough downtime to rejuvenate yourself is going to affect your mood the most. You're so mystical that you need a way to keep grounded — as in, make your body do the work your soul craves. Caring for your physical needs is actually a very smart move few have mastered, so mad props to you.