'Logan's Ending Is Pretty Damn Intense

One of the best things about superhero movies is, of course, the post-credits scenes. While not every single comic book-based movie comes with an extra scene after the credits roll, a good portion of them do, and these scenes are not to be missed. Whether they're setting up the next movie in the franchise or simply adding a bit of humor into an otherwise serious film, post-credits scenes are always entertaining, even if they mean you have to sit around in the theater waiting for the hundreds of names being listed onscreen to finally come to an end. Yet as it turns out, the newest superhero movie to hit theaters, Logan, doesn't have a post-credits scene, so fans can head out the moment the movie's real ending comes to a halt.

Although X-Men fans might've been hoping to get a few extra seconds of mutant action after Logan's credits rolled, the new film does not feature any type of mid- or post-credits sequence. This might come as a surprise to some, as many past X-Men movies, like Days of Future Past and The Wolverine, have utilized post-credits scenes to hint at the story to come. But that's not the case for Logan, and for good reason.

Spoilers ahead! Logan's lack of a post-credits scene makes sense, as the movie's actual ending is pretty damn intense. The film concludes with the death of Wolverine, and X-23, along with the other children, heading off to Canada. The ending sets up possible X-23 spinoffs, but it mostly feels final, due to the death of the X-Men franchise's main character.

So while there might not be any post-credits scene for Logan, the movie's ending certainly serves its purpose in leaving viewers wondering what's to come next for the franchise, but also feeling satisfied by the events they've just seen unfold onscreen.