The London Eye Is Now On Lockdown After A Shocking Attack In The City

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Various parts of London have gone on a security lockdown due to the dangers associated with a potentially terrorist-related incident which began on Wednesday morning. It's now being reported that the London Eye is on lockdown, too, leaving tourists confined to their pods.

To keep the people safe while law enforcement and emergency services get the city-wide incident under control, a massive shutdown has been issued. As the entire Westminster area is in a state of emergency, police are urging people to stay away from Parliament Square, Whitehall, Westminster Bridge, Lambeth Bridge, Victoria Street: up to the junction with Broadway, and Victoria Embankment up to Embankment tube — and now, The London Eye.

Detailed reports creating a clarifying larger picture have yet to come into view. What we do know, is what's been reported from people who are directly experiencing the incidents. From inside of the Parliament building, we got safety check-ins from MPs on Twitter. From bystanders on the Westminster Bridge, we got live footage. Now, we're receiving accounts from tourists who are literally trapped inside of the pods of the London Eye ferris wheel.

According to The London Eye, the stalled pods are not a result of direct endangerment, rather a safety precaution.

UPDATE: Bystanders are now reporting that police have arrived on the scene to ensure everyone's safety, and to help the guests out of their pods.

Luckily, those who were stuck in their pods, have been helped to safety while the tourist attraction remains on lockdown.