The L'Oreal Paris Women Of Worth Program Opens Nominations For 2017

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Not only did L'Oreal recently release a mascara campaign featuring a diverse cast of women, but the brand is also finding a way to give back to women who are making an impact in their communities. The L’Oreal Paris’ Women Of Worth Program has honored impactful women for the past 12 years, and it's not stopping now.

The brand allows thousands of women to be nominated each year, and then out of all of those nominees, they pick 10 winners to fund with a grant of up to $35,000 for their hard work, according to a press release. It’s nearly time for the 2017 Women Of Worth program to open up for nominations. You’ll be able to toss some wonderful names in the mix beginning Mar. 27 until May 8 on the Women Of Worth website.

Last year’s nominees included Nadaya Okamoto, who created Period, an organization that provides menstrual hygiene management services to those in need, and Sandra Gunn, founder of Leslie’s Week, an organization that donates vacation homes to families of people with Stage IV breast cancer, among others. Those involved in this L'Oreal program are truly amazing and deserving of recognition because they “find beauty in giving back,” as the Women Of Worth website states.

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Over the years, this program has focused on organizations that work to make a difference. As you'll see in the video, the President of L'Oreal Paris Karen T. Fondu said, "When a woman feels worth it, she's empowered. And when a woman is empowered, she will never be a victim to anyone or anything," and that truly is a beautiful thing.

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Period is just one of the many organizations that has been recognized through the Women Of Worth program.

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There's an entire awards ceremony for these extremely deserving folks.

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Head to the Women Of Worth website to nominate the motivating ladies in your life starting Mar. 27. Also, check out the official rules and regulations on their website while you're at it!