Here's Every Single Song Maroon 5 Played During The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Maroon 5 headlined the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show during the big game on Sunday, Feb. 3, and the Maroon 5 Super Bowl halftime song list was filled with so many of their biggest hits. Travis Scott and Big Boi also performed their hit songs as part of the halftime show.

The NFL officially confirmed Maroon 5 as the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show headliners, along with Travis Scott and Big Boi. In a Feb. 1 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine said that he and the band prepared for the performance by reviewing halftime shows from past years.

"I have watched every single halftime show there has been just to get inspiration and to see what people did, and I remember a lot of them, but to go back and revisit some of my favorite ones — especially the rock bands and the Prince one, which is legendary, and Tom Petty and the Stones and Springsteen, all the bands we feel we are most connected with musically — and it has been amazing," he said.

These are the songs performed by Maroon 5 at the halftime show:

"Harder To Breathe"

You know this hit as one of Maroon 5's signature songs.

"This Love"

Talk about a throwback. This Maroon 5 tune is from the band's 2002 album Songs About Jane.

"Girls Like You"

Maroon 5 frontman was joined by a gospel choir for the Super Bowl rendition of the band's latest hit song.

"The Way You Move"

Levine joined Big Boi on the Super Bowl halftime stage in singing this 2003 hit tune by Outkast.

"She Will Be Loved"

Levine crooned this 2002 Maroon 5 ballad during the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show.


The band performed this catchy 2014 track as lavender orbs bounced around the Super Bowl halftime crowd.

"Moves Like Jagger"

Levine removed his shirt as he belted out this smash hit track from 2010.

Maroon 5's Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show song list definitely seemed like a greatest hits compilation of the band's most popular tracks.