The Best Guesses For All The Celebs In Those 'Masked Singer' Costumes

Michael Becker / Fox

With so many talent competitions on TV, a show has to have a truly bonkers premise to separate itself from the pack. That's where The Masked Singer comes in. It features celebrities performing in elaborate costumes that hide their identities, and since figuring out who they are is the entire basis of the show, The Masked Singer celebrity spoilers are pretty much impossible to come by. In fact, Fox is doing pretty much everything within its power not to spoil the fun.

The few things we do know? It's hosted by Nick Cannon, premieres Jan. 2, and is based on a South Korean show with the same format: A celebrity takes the stage in a costume that makes them unrecognizable and performs a song. Then, a panel of celebrity judges will try to guess who the performer is. The judges, for their part, are not a secret. Regulars include Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy, while TVLine reports Joel McHale, J.B. Smoove, and Kenan Thompson will be guest judges.

As for the stars performing, they're highly classified for now. Variety reported that even the early access screeners provided to reviewers blurred the faces of the celebrities and bleeped out their names. So Fox is not messing around.

That being said, the show will provide clues about who the singers are each week. So for the premiere, here's everything that's been revealed about the first round of masked celebs.

The Unicorn

The Masked Singer website notes that the unicorn performer "was a girl scout." One person on Twitter guessed that it could be Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, or Celine Dion and even threw tennis star Venus Williams into the mix.

The Peacock

The clue for the peacock states, "Sometimes magic falls on deaf ears, but he'll show you a sign that's very real." This magic-themed clue has people thinking it will be the silent Teller of Penn & Teller.

The Lion

Ahead of the premiere, The Masked Singer gave viewers a major clue by sharing part of the lion's performance. Her description is, "She's more than whispers and fake news" and while she's definitely a singer, people are still stumped. On Reddit, people guessed it could be anyone from Leona Lewis to Dinah Jane of Fifth Harmony to Carrie Underwood.

The Monster

The monster's description is, "He's two for 12," which makes it sound like he's an athlete. Someone on Twitter guessed it could be wrestler Chris Jericho while someone else didn't follow the athlete path and guessed rapper T-Pain.

The Hippo

Cannon tweeted that the hippo is a director and the additional clue is, "Hippo's have bones." But people are still guessing athletes like Shaquille O'Neal and Emmitt Smith.

The Deer

The clue for this frightening deer mask is, "To find a deer, you should head east bound and down." So does that mean it has to be Danny McBride?

The fun of the bizarre The Masked Singer is guessing who is behind the outrageous masks, so it's probably for the best that spoilers are nowhere to be found. But viewers will certainly be expecting these celebs to live up to all the hype once The Masked Singer premieres.