This New Netflix Show Is Basically Just 'Childrens Hospital' But With Cops

Erinn Hayes, Malin Akerman, Brian Huskey, and Rob Corddry in 'Medical Hospital'
Courtesy of Netflix

Childrens Hospital fans, assemble: the cast of Medical Police is picking up where the cult WB comedy left off. Three years after Childrens Hospital went off air, the new Netflix show sees Erinn Hayes and Rob Huebel reprise their Childrens Hospital characters. This time, however, Lola Spratt and Owen Maestro aren't just medical professionals; they're self-ascribed "cop doctors."

While working at a pediatric hospital — which is obviously located in São Paulo, Brazil and definitely not Los Angeles — Lola and Owen discover the existence of a virus that threatens to wipe out humanity. As a result, the unlikely duo are recruited by Sloane McIntyre (Sarayu Blue) at the Centers for Disease Control (or CDC) to try and stop the deadly virus before it spreads.

Along with Hayes and Huebel, viewers will recognize Childrens Hospital stalwarts like Ken Marino (who again plays his character, Dr. Glenn Richie), Rob Corddry (as Dr. Blake Downs), Henry Winkler (Sy Mittleman), Brian Huskey (Chet), and Malin Akerman (Dr. Valerie Flame). There's no sign of Megan Mullally, but perhaps she'll make a surprise cameo — if not in Season 1, then maybe in future seasons. For now, here's who you can count on seeing in Medical Police come Friday, Jan. 10.

Erinn Hayes

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In addition to appearing in the upcoming Bill & Ted sequel, Hayes has played roles in Kevin Can Wait, The Hotwives of Las Vegas, and Huge in France.

Thankfully for Childrens Hospital aficionados, however, Lola Spratt is back — and this time, she has a gun.

Rob Huebel

Courtesy of Netflix

Even if you haven't seen Childrens Hospital, you've likely seen Huebel in any number of shows, like The Goldbergs, Transparent, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (and Ten Years Later), and The League. He has also appeared in movies including The Descendants, Baywatch, and I Love You, Man.

Let's see what medical mayhem Dr. Owen Maestro will wreak in the 2020 Netflix show.

Rob Corddry

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Corddry is known for his roles in Hot Tub Time Machine, Ballers, and Childrens Hospital (which he also created). As both a co-creator and cast member in Medical Police, Corddry reprises the clown-makeup-wearing Dr. Blake Downs.

Sarayu Blue

Courtesy of Netflix

Blue starred in the short-lived NBC sitcom I Feel Bad as a working mom named Emet. She also appeared as one of the parents in 2018's raunch-comedy Blockers, and will be in the two upcoming To All the Boys I've Loved Before sequels.

In Medical Police, Blue plays the stone-faced CDC agent Sloane McIntyre, who she told MEAWW is "the campiest possible version of the straight person role."

Henry Winkler

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Recently, "The Fonz" has had a field day on television. Not only did Winkler win an Emmy for his role as Gene Cousineau on Barry, but he's also appeared in Arrested Development and, of course, Childrens Hospital. In Medical Police, he reprises his character Sy Mittleman, who is obsessed with his coworkers using standing desks.

Fred Melamed

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Sy Ableman in A Serious Man, the voice actor dad from In a World, Lady Dynamite's Bruce Ben-Bacharach — Melamed has done it all. He even had a small arc on Childrens Hospital, which is perhaps why he plays Professor Richard Waters on Medical Police.

Ken Marino

Courtesy of Netflix

Between Wet Hot American Summer, Burning Love, Party Down, and The Other Two, Marino has built his career on playing dumb-as-doorknobs characters. His Childrens Hospital / Medical Police character, Dr. Glenn Richie, is no exception.

Craig Robinson

Courtesy of Netflix

Doug Judy — er, uh, Craig Robinson — plays a character who is obsessed with his switchblade/comb.

Brian Huskey

Courtesy of Netflix

Brian Huskey is "that guy" — the one who's in everything but whose name you don't quite know. He's appeared in the films Step Brothers and Neighbors and shows like Veep, Another Period, The Newsroom, and — of course — Childrens Hospital, just to name a few. Here, he plays Chet.

Malin Akerman

Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage/Getty Images

She may have played superhero Laurie Jupiter in 2009's much-derided Watchmen and Jane's ditsy sister Tess in 2008 rom-com 27 Dresses, but Akerman is also a gifted comedic actor. Among her roles are Valerie Flame / Ingrid Hagerstown in Childrens Hospital, Willow in Burning Love, and Celeste in the 2019 Hulu series, Dollface.

Jon Hamm

Courtesy of Netflix

Since Mad Men ended, Hamm has relished in playing goofy characters. He's made cameos in Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Between Two Ferns: The Movie, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Here, he plays Derrick Childrens — one of his hapless characters from Childrens Hospital.

David Wain

Mike Pont/WireImage/Getty Images

Wain co-wrote the seminal comedy Wet Hot American Summer (and its two Netflix sequels) with Michael Showalter. In Medical Police Season 1 (which he also directs), he plays a character named Jim Davidson.

Michael Cera

SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

Cera reprises his role as Sal Viscuso, whose voice audiences hear over the PA.

Eric Nenninger

Amanda Edwards/WireImage/Getty Images

Nenninger has had small roles in the Wet Hot American Summer sequels First Day at Camp and Ten Years Later, as well as The Politician and One Day at a Time. Here, he plays someone named Collins.

Lake Bell

Rachel Luna/WireImage/Getty Images

Bell returns to Medical Police as Cat Black.

Beth Dover

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Orange Is the New Black actor brings back her Childrens Hospital character Nurse Beth.

Joel McHale

Courtesy of Netflix

Here, the Community star plays himself.

Randall Park

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Always Be My Maybe and Fresh off the Boat star plays a character named Clavis Kim in Medical Police.

Jason Schwartzman

Courtesy of Netflix

Schwartzman has seemingly been involved with every Wes Anderson movie on planet Earth, but he's also appeared in Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Mozart in the Jungle, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and even Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. In Medical Police, he's a dude on the hunt for "some cool, crime-fighting doctors."

Thankfully, "cop doctors" Lola Spratt and Owen Maestro are on the case.

This article has been updated to include Henry Winkler, Jon Hamm, Lake Bell, Joel McHale, David Wain, Beth Dover, Randall Park, and Michael Cera, who were not announced as part of the cast ahead of the show’s premiere.