This Pregnancy Reveal Is Unexpectedly, Hilariously Salty

Before the invention of the internet, pregnancy announcements weren't usually the kind of thing that strangers found entertaining, or even all that enjoyable. Then came social media, and suddenly stories like this couple's hilariously salty pregnancy reveal cake are regular watercooler conversation. Who knew other people's impending parenthood could be so delightfully clever?

In April, Hillary and Derek Hinrichs decided to reveal at a family gathering that they're expecting their first child. If you're at all familiar with modern parenting culture, you know that parents-to-be don't simply break the news and bask in the congratulations these days. Pregnancy announcements are the chance to get a little silly — and that's exactly what the Hinrichses did. At the party, the couple presented Hillary's mom, Terry Overfelt, with a birthday cake containing a special message: "Happy birthday, ya stupid-lookin' grandma." And with that loving insult, Overfelt found out that she will soon be a grandmother.

The moment she read the cake was captured on camera, and Hillary uploaded the video to Facebook in June. The clip, which features a hefty dose of happy tears, quickly went viral; less than two weeks after the initial post, it has received more than 3.5 million views and hundreds of comments.

The couple is expecting their baby on November 1, which happens to fall at the same time as their third wedding anniversary. If that's not the cutest thing you've heard this week, you must live the life of a Disney princess.

Speaking to Inside Edition, Hillary said sarcastic cakes were something of a family tradition, so her family expected Overfelt's cake to be "out of the ordinary" — although the pregnancy was presumably a surprise. Overfelt refused to explain the origins of "stupid-lookin'" to Today, rightfully pointing out that it wouldn't be much of an inside joke if she told a national news station what it meant. On a totally unrelated note, is anyone else possessed of the urge to befriend this entire family?

In a sea of saccharine, Pinterest-worthy pregnancy announcements, the Hinrichses' cake is a welcome, quirky surprise. I believe congratulations are in order, for both the pregnancy and the couple's fabulous sense of humor. I, for one, can't wait to see what they come up with for their baby's first birthday party.