Millie Bobby Brown Has Her Own Line Of Customizable Converse Now


At 15 years old, Millie Bobby Brown has become something of a fashion icon. Now you can cop her good taste for your own closet, thanks to the new Millie Bobby Brown x Converse collaboration. Dropping July 11, the Millie By You line features two remade shoe styles: the Ox and Hi. The Ox is the low-top oxford sneaker, and the Hi is the iconic high top shoe. The two styles are re-made with Brown's creative eye, and the end result is 10 different shoe print and color options.

The reason that the line is called "Millie By You" is because the shopper plays a hand in designing the shoe. The collection is inspired both by Brown's love for the ocean as well as her knack for DIY fashion. The shoes come in pastel colors inspired by ocean sunsets, water color prints that take the shape of waves, or playful ocean animal designs. Using these curated themes, fans can create a custom pair of Chucks using Brown's pre-selected prints, colors, and materials.

"Our collaboration hopes to amplify her voice and celebrate the multiplicity of Millie as the young, quirky adolescent, and rising style icon through our sneakers," Converse's website reads. "Choose from a color palette inspired by an ocean sunset and collaborate with Millie on your next pair of Chucks."

“One of the most exciting parts of designing this is that I get to do it with my fans," Brown shared with Converse. “To choose the colors and material and print for the shoes was really specific and special to me.”

You will be able to customize the details of the sneakers, like choosing what color prints you want or what color shoe laces would match your aesthetic best.


There are three prints available: ocean waves, a large orca print, and a mini orca print.


Brown's collection isn't the first customizable collection by Converse. The shoe brand has a "Converse By You" line that allows customers to take control of every aspect of their sneakers, creating the ultimate shoe for their closet. In Converse By You, a shopper can choose the material, the color of the body, the print of the shoe, the shoe laces used, the color of the stitching, tongue, and heel. You can also customize the color of the rubber sidewall, racing stripe, Converse logo, binding, lining, and eyelets.


This isn't the first time that Brown made waves thanks to her love of Converse. Brown wore Converse to the 2018 SAG Awards, pairing $50 sneakers with her sequined mini dress that had a long train. The high-low fashion move had all of Twitter praising the actress's playful fashion aesthetic.

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"Millie Bobby Brown knows that Converse are 10x more comfortable than heels and the gag is that no one else has ever been able to pull it off on the red carpet, Miss Millie has left me quaking," one Twitter user shared.

Channel Brown's excellent taste this summer and make your own Brown-approved Converse kicks. The collection will be available online at beginning July 11.