Your Bedroom Deserves This Ridiculously Adorable Corgi Humidifier


Hiding in a corner of your basement somewhere is likely a humidifier. For decades, the contraptions have saved people from the discomfort that is inextricable with winter. When the temperatures outside decrease, keeping the inside warm becomes a main priority. Central heating is absolutely a luxury, but it has its downsides; namely the air in a heated house is typically pretty dry. Dry heat can be linked to everything from sinus problems to cracked skin and lips. But, humidifiers make this a little more bearable. Plus, now you can get a Milo the Corgi Humidifier — it is all the benefits of the clunky boring ones shaped like a cute, loaf-shaped pup.

The Milo the Corgi Humidifier is available exclusively through U.K.-based online retailer, Firebox. If that name sounds familiar, it is because Firebox is also behind Hot Sauce Gin and the Elodie Desk Fan, two other Instagrammable, extremely millennial feats. Per its description on the website, the Milo the Corgi Humidifier is "...truly man’s best friend, working for six to eight hours at a time to humidify the air so you can breathe easy, no matter how dry and crusty things get in the dead of winter." Plus, Milo doesn't stop at humidifying; Milo makes even the grungiest of rooms smell fresh. That's right: Milo the Corgi Humidifier is also an oil diffuser.

As FIREBOX puts it, "You can add any of your favorite essential oils to naturally scent your home and help you relax — lavender mist, anyone?" The fine print also explains that while Milo may be shaped like the pride of a pet store, he won't make your house smell of dog.

Other details about this wonderful homeware are that the mist mode of Milo the Corgi Humidifier lasts between sic and eight hours or until the water dries up. There is an auto shut-off mode for 60, 90, and 180 minutes, so you don't have to worry about burning out the motor. Plus the upgraded diffuser comes with a 12v motor so it can diffuse more over a larger area.

If you are not sure you need a humidifier, but have noticed some changes to the way you feel in colder weather, you could probably use some more moisture. According to The Spruce, dry air in your home could be the reason for your irritated nasal passages and sinuses, in addition to your dry skin and cracking lips. Further, an excess of dry air in your home could make it harder to recover from a common cold, and be a catalyst for bloody noses. It has even been linked to a higher level of static electricity. While creams and nasal rinses can help with irritated mucous membranes, getting a humidifier is arguably the most comprehensive way to improve the overall quality of air in your home. Put the fun in functional with one shaped like everyone's favorite wiggly breed. The Milo the Corgi Humidifier (and diffuser!) can be ordered for $51.29 plus shipping. It can also be gift wrapped if you're looking to pass it along to someone else for the holidays.