Michael & Amber Are In For DRAMA Based On This Astrological 'Love Island' Prediction

ITV2/Love Island

When it comes to the laws of attraction and Love Island it seems everything is dictated by the infamous "type on paper." Finding the one is tough and it can feel like the islanders are making some fairly questionable decisions *cough* Michael *cough*. But what if the stars could dictate the islanders success? Could astrology offer a clue? I did some digging, and guess what, the most compatible Love Island 2019 couples are totally not who you'd expect. While they might think they know what’s best here’s what the stars have to say about the current couples in the villa and who they'd be best suited to couple up with.

Whether you’re an astrology nut or completely sceptical about star signs and horoscopes it’s comforting to think that all of those failed dates and dodgy break ups might just be down to the fact that, according to the stars, you weren’t compatible. To say that there have been a few scandalous re-couplings on Love Island 2019 is a massive understatement. I don't think I'll ever be over the antics and betrayal in Casa Amour. It’s fun to watch romance flourish but are the islanders in the right couples according to the stars? Keep reading to find out.


Curtis — Aquarius

ITV2/Love Island

Curtis is an Aquarius. According to online astrology expert Astrology Zodiac Signs, this makes him independent, progressive, and humanitarian. He’s also likely to be a great listener, and enjoy helping others. Well that would explain all that coffee making. He might not be in a lot of viewers good books right now after the monumental break up with Amy, however she may not have been for him all along.

Aquarius’ are best matched with Geminis, Libras, and Sagittarius’. So maybe Curtis should be coupled up with new girl Joanna, Queen Maura or...Molly Mae. Now that would rock the boat.


Jordan — Pisces

ITV2/Love Island

Jordan may not have been part of the original cast of islanders but he has solidified himself as one of the viewers favorites. He is a Pisces which Astrology Zodiac Signs states this means he will typically be intuitive, compassionate, and gentle. That all fits.

Pisces are more compatible with Cancers and Scorpios. Anna is a Cancer meaning their match may be made in the stars. But will he get his head turned by Scorpio Francesca?


Tommy — Taurus

ITV2/Love Island

Who knew that Tommy would become one of the nation's sweethearts? Watching his relationship with Molly Mae flourish has been truly heartwarming. But is it meant to be? Tommy is a Taurus, the star sign represented by the ram. Astrology Zodiac Signs writes that this means he is probably devoted, responsible, and stable.

Taurus are best suited with a Cancer or Pisces. This means that Anna or Belle could be a good match for Tommy. However, as Molly Mae is a Gemini maybe their love will transcend the stars?


Michael — Libra

ITV2/Love Island

If one islander has developed a bit of a bad reputation for himself it’s Michael. He has kept the nation glued to Love Island as the break down of his coupling with Amber took place. Genuine drama. Michael is a Libra and Astrology Zodiac Signs says this means he is likely to be cooperative, fair minded, and social. However, Librans are also indecisive, self pitying, and will carry a grudge.

Interestingly Librans are a good match with Leos and who happens to be a Leo? Amber. However, he could also couple up with Sagittarius Maura, or Gemini Molly Mae.


Anton — Virgo

ITV2/Love Island

Anton has been in the villa from day one and while he may have taken a couple of episodes to suss out, he's become a key islander. He’s a Virgo so is likely to be loyal, analytical, and kind, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs. Well he does love to dwell on those love triangles.

Virgos are best matched with Scorpios and Pisces. So, could Anton find himself love with one of the new girls, Scorpio Francesco or Pisces Belle?


Ovie — Aquarius

ITV2/Love Island

When it comes to someone being your type on paper you’d have to search far and wide to find someone who didn’t love Ovie. Not only is he incredibly attractive but he seems like he’s living his best life in the villa. As an Aquirius Ovie is likely to be energetic, intellectual, and original, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs. There isn't anyone else quite like him.

If Ovie is to find lasting love in the stars he might want to turn to Libran Joanna or Maura who is a Sagittarius.


Anna — Cancer

ITV2/Love Island

Anna is a Cancer which means she is tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, and emotional according to Astrology Zodiac Sign. Always there for her girls and still on the look out for love viewers have a lot of time for her.

If she wants to find the one Anna might want cause a bit of controversy and couple up with Tommy who is a Taurus, Anton who is a Virgo, or Pisces Jordan.


Amber- — Leo

ITV2/Love Island

If one islander deserves love this series, it's Amber. The way she has handled herself in the search for love is admirable and it might be the fighting spirit within her as Amber is a Leo. Creative, passionate, and generous Leo’s are confident in themselves according to Astrology Zodiac Sign.

In the next recoupling she might consider staying with Libra Michael as, according to the stars, this is a really desirable combination. I’m not sure the stars have been watching Love Island closely enough.


Maura — Sagittarius

ITV2/Love Island

It’s hardly surprising that Queen Maura is represented by the fire sign Sagittarius. She has brought the heat this series. Generous, with a great sense of humour, and love for freedom Astrology Zodiac Sign writes Sagitarians are idealistic and goal driven.

If she is finally to meet her match Maura might consider coupling up with Libran Michael or she should continue pursuing her current bae, Aquarious Curtis.


Joanna — Libra

Joanna may have only just made her entrance on Love Island 2019 but she has made sure everyone knows she means business. As a Libra she is likely to be fair, and cooperative, but also indecisive and will avoid confrontation, according to Astrology Zodiac Sign.

Librans are best matched with Aquarius. This means Joanna should set her sights on Curtis or Ovie. Well that's a hard decision.


Francesca — Scorpio

ITV2/Love Island

If you want to survive you’ve got to make an impression on Love Island and gorgeous new girl Francessa has certainly done that. A Scorpio, Astrology Zodiac Sign states this may mean she is resourceful, passionate, and a true friend. However, she could also be jealous and secretive.

She may have set her sights on Ovie (haven’t we all) but if Francessca wants to enter a lasting couple she may want to consider Virgo Anton, or Pisces Jordan.


Molly Mae — Gemini

ITV2/Love Island

Molly Mae currently makes up one half of the cutest couples to come out of Love Island 2019. Astrology Zodiac Sign writes that as a Gemini Molly Mae is likely to be gentle, affectionate, curious, and adaptable.

While the nation may be backing her relationship with Tommy the stars aren’t. The most compatible signs with Geminis are Librans and Aquarius meaning Molly Mae might get her head turned by Michael, Ovie or Curtis.


There have been more twists and turns in this years Love Island than ever before. I can't handle anymore dramatic recouplings and shock dumpings. While the islanders have picked their partner the stars have other ideas.