The Most Popular Shoe Trends, According To 8 Major Cities Across The Country

While most current fashion trends are universal, it's no surprise to learn that they can vary from city to city. There are a lot of factors that can affect whether or not a trend is fashionable among a demographic, specifically popular shoes styles. Commutes, weather, occupation, and nightlife are some of the things that can play a role in the decision-making behind the shoes women choose to wear. No one understands this more than custom footwear brand, Shoes of Prey.

Since 2009, co-founder Jodie Fox has provided literally millions of bespoke shoes for women around the world, from velvet and leather ankle boots to the highest of high heels. Each one of their customers have the ability to create the custom shoes of their dreams, but Fox and her team have found similarities among women from the same city. They have also found that cities across the country definitely have their own specific preferences, and it makes sense. A pointy stiletto might be all the rage among women in Dallas, where classic styles prevail, but in Miami, ladies prefer a fun and sexy stacked, block heel.

Shoes of Prey rounded up some data based on orders they received from their customers in eight major cities across the country — Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.. Here are the the most popular shoe styles among women in these cities, according to Shoes of Prey.

1. Austin

Mercer 70, $169, Shoes of Prey

The majority of women in Austin who buy from Shoes of Prey prefer a classic round toe pump when it comes to high heels. While wedges are more popular among Austin women than in any other city, their favorite heel type is another classic — the stiletto.

As for boots, Austin women have a strong preference for sleek booties, despite the fact that Texas is known for their chunky, Western-style cowboy boots. When it comes to flats, they love a good oxford.

Most women in Austin prefer whites and neutrals for their shoe color.

2. Chicago

Savoca 70, $149, Shoes of Prey

Women in Chicago are a little more fashion-forward in their shoe choices, according to Shoes of Prey's customer data. They opt for trendier styles, like the pointed toe pump, a strappy heel sandal, a pointed flat, and a chic ankle bootie, and are not afraid to wear bold shoe colors like pink.

Unsurprisingly though, living in such a pedestrian-friendly city, Chicago women definitely prefer a lower heel, specifically a kitten heel.

3. Dallas

Faleria 100, $149, Shoes of Prey

Like Chicago, women in Dallas are very on trend when it comes to their fashion choices. They like wearing pointed toe pumps, ballet flats, knee-high boots, and high heeled stilettos.

While a majority of them prefer a classic black shoe, you might see more blue heels and boots there than any of the other cities in the country. Perhaps it's a stylish expression of their patriotism.

4. Los Angeles

Adel 70, $249, Shoes of Prey

Women in Los Angeles have varying tastes, some opting for classic styles while others are unafraid of sporting trendier looks. On their feet, you will find stylish mid-shaft boots, classic loafers, comfortable ankle-strap sandals, and a mix of pointed and closed pumps.

When it comes to heels, a majority of Los Angeles women prefer a stiletto, but with a heel under three inches. They like to experiment when it comes to their shoe color, but will definitely choose a black bootie or heel as their go-to.

5. Miami

Lumos 70, $149, Shoes of Prey

Women in Miami know what they like, but aren't afraid to try fun and different shoe styles. They like a little of everything — round and pointed pumps, heeled sandals with an ankle strap, and ballet flats. One thing you won't find Miami women wearing, however, is any kind of boot except for a bootie, likely because of the warm climate!

Miami is leading the block heel trend, being the only city where the majority of Shoes of Prey's customers purchased a block heel. A majority of women in Miami also opt for a high heel over four inches, similar to Dallas.

6. New York

Milazzo O, $129, Shoes of Prey

While New York has earned its title as the trendsetting fashion capital, women in New York appreciate the staples — the classic round pump, the ballet flat, the sandal with an ankle strap, and the simple bootie.

They also prefer black and neutral colors over pops of color, and opt for mid heels (under three inches) over high heels.

7. San Francisco

Mercer 55, $169, Shoes of Prey

Like Miami, women in San Francisco shop for shoes based on their own personal preferences and are less likely to follow fashion trends like their Chicago and Los Angeles counterparts. They prefer a round pump, a heel sandal, a ballet flat, and a bootie or an ankle boot.

While their shoe styles might not be as exciting, San Francisco women like to have fun when it comes to their shoe color and print. According to Shoes of Prey, San Francisco has the the highest proportion of women purchasing printed materials, like metallics and animal print.

8. Washington, D.C.

Faleria 70, $149, Shoes of Prey

Unsurprisingly, women in Washington, D.C. favor classic styles, like the rounded toe pump, the classic ankle-strap sandal, the ballet flat, the stiletto heel, and the bootie. They don't have a preference for high heels over mid heels, but have more of a preference for metallic materials compared to the other cities.

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