How To Design The Heels Of Your Dreams From Your Couch

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Ask any woman: finding the perfect pair of heels can be a huge challenge, whether you're looking for something for a specific occasion or you've got tiny ballerina or bigger-than-average feet. Thankfully, Shoes of Prey exists so you have the ability to custom-make the pair of your Carrie Bradshaw dreams.

Before Jodie Fox started Shoes of Prey in 2009, she was first a lawyer and then went on to work in advertising. When she finally decided to pursue her dreams of starting her own shoe company and gave notice to her bosses, they didn't even blink an eye. It made sense, after all — they noted that she was so creative and was "always wearing the most stylish of shoes," Fox tells me. Eight years and literally millions of pairs of shoes sold later, Shoes of Prey continues to be at the forefront of customized footwear, merging luxury and affordability to make every girl's fashion fantasies into a reality.

If you haven't had the opportunity to check out the site and create a pair of your own, brace yourself — this isn't something you can do with a few spare minutes in between meetings. You're going to want to set aside some time because unless you hate options and having fun, Shoes of Prey just might become your new favorite website.

Shoes Of Prey

The options are endless. Literally. "We have over 30 shoe styles (with more being added to our range every few weeks!), so if you multiply that by the 200+ leathers and materials, the different components of the shoe that you can customize (upper components and panels, heel, straps, buckles, zippers, insole lining, sole, etc), 15+ heel heights and heel styles, all of the different embellishments you can select, 26 different sizes (2.5 through to 15) and four widths, the number of combinations is mind-boggling!" says Anna Le, the brand's Public Relations Manager. "I know that the number of possible design combinations with Shoes of Prey is literally in the trillions."

Intrigued yet? Here's how it all works.

1. Choose Your Shoe Style Of Choice

This could be the easiest part of the process (if you know what you want) or the most difficult (if you want it all). But remember — you can easily save your designs. If you're in the middle of designing a pair of shoes and want to pause because you had a moment of inspiration for another slingback or a pair of loafers, by all means, hit save and start another shoe from the very beginning. You can revisit your other design whenever you'd like.

2. Customize Your Shoe

Now, here's where all the customization fun happens! Choose the style of your selected shoe, the strap, the toe type, the type and height of the heel, any fun decorative additions (a bow in the back, for example), and of course, the color of the shoe and the material you'd like to have it made with, from the sole to the lining. If you need some expert advice, there's a tab you can click that offers helpful suggestions.

3. Add A Personal Inscription

If you'd like to personalize your shoe even more, you can add a special inscription to the sole of your shoe. This is perfect for a special occasion, like a wedding or a graduation, or if you just want to make sure everyone knows who designed your fabulous new pair of shoes (y-o-u!)

Once you're done with those three steps, you're ready to purchase your shoes! If you're unhappy with how your shoe fits, Shoes of Prey has an incredible return policy. You have up to 365 days to send your shoe back for a full refund. Alternatively, you can bring your shoe to a repair shop and they'll cover the costs.

If you're short on time or are super indecisive, you can also shop shoes that have already been predesigned.

To get started on the pair of your dreams or learn more about the brand, head on over to Shoes of Prey. Your feet won't regret it.