The Movies & Shows Leaving Netflix In July 2018 Include Some Marathon-Worthy Franchises

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Netflix giveth, and Netflix taketh away. There are plenty of new titles hitting the streaming service next month — but with that news, there are also a lot of movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in July of 2018.

The titles that Netflix is removing from its streaming selection include movies across a number of genres, so it's worth checking if your favorite films are on the list. For instance, celebrated films like Breakfast at Tiffany's and Before Midnight won't survive the month. Some franchises are leaving Netflix entirely, too — there are five Bring It On movies, including the original Bring It On, and four Lethal Weapon movies that will all be leaving come July 1 (so prep your marathons now). And if you have children at home, some of their favorite titles might be leaving Netflix soon, too. Piglet's Big Movie and Rugrats Go Wild are both on the July 1 chopping block.

Fans with nostalgia for early 2000s rom-coms won't be happy with the news, either. Along Came Polly and A Cinderella Story, which were both released in 2004, are leaving Netflix on July 1 and July 30, respectively. And if those titles are among your go-to Netflix movies, it might be worth streaming them one last time before they disappear.

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