'The Mummy' Post-Credits Scene Doesn't Exist

Universal Pictures

If you're anything like me, then you love a good post-credits scene. So much so that you may be wondering whether there's a post-credits scene for The Mummy remake. It would make sense, after all, since the movie is acting as the first official installment of Universal Studios' classic monster movie reboots (known as the Dark Universe). It would also makes sense considering how a good post-credits scene can lay the groundwork for the characters and plot-points of future movies from a shared universe.

Despite that being the case, there sadly isn't such a scene acting as a footnote to the movie. But there happens to be a good reason why The Mummy doesn't have a post-credits scene. In an interview with IGN, director Alex Kurtzman explained why the movie is missing such a moment, and why the Dark Universe may never include a post-credits scene. He said:

"No, no, that's Marvel's domain. So render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. Maybe it'll feel more appropriate down the line, as the universe builds itself. I don't think any of [us] wanted to be accused of ripping off what they did so well."

Which is fair enough. Marvel's post-credits scenes have become an iconic part of how we engage with the MCU as an audience. And just because Marvel manages to do such scenes so well doesn't mean that they should become the norm for every shared cinematic universe.

Then again, as a major horror fan, I live for the classic monster movies that Universal Studios became known for. And with iconic characters like Frankenstein, Bride Of Frankenstein, Creature Of The Black Lagoon, and the Invisible Man being monsters confirmed for the Dark Universe, it would have been nice for fans to see some sort of fun teaser about the future of any of them.

It's not something that we need to see from every upcoming Dark Universe installment, but it definitely would have been nice to see at the end of the first one.